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All in the family October 5, 2006

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Men physically abusing women is heard of, common and is the order of the day. Either for want of money, dowry or if she gives birth to a daughter she is sent packing to her parents house. Once she is there he categorically tells her not to return. Good Bye!

But a woman who is an IAS officer and has a certain role to play in her work life and one would expect she would carry the same ethics in personal life too, but instead misuses her power to rescue her brother and father is kind of novel – who have physically abused another woman because she failed to pay dowry and has given birth to 2 daughters.

Here is the escapade of father, son and IAS daughter ….. All in the family, within the family…..hats off to them. All of them hands in glove with each other!!!

Harassed by IAS sister-in-law, woman moves SWC
LUCKNOW: An IAS officer of West Bengal cadre, who is a resident of Lucknow, has been named as accused in a case of harassment of her sister-in-law.

Anamika Pandey accused her husband Mahendra Pandey, her father-in-law MB Pandey and her IAS sister-in-law Smita Pandey of beating and abusing her before throwing her out of the house. Later, when the Gomtinagar police let off the accused, Anamika went to the State Women’s Commission (SWC) and the UP DGP for redressal.

Anamika was married off to Mahendra in 1996. She was told that Mahendra worked as a manager in a sugar mill but to her surprise she found that he was unemployed. He refused to find work and is still unemployed.

In 1998, they had a daughter and this increased her problems. Mahendra, his father and his sister started treating Anamika badly.

In 2000, they had a second daughter. She was sent off to her father’s house in Allahabad with the explanation that she would be looked after well there. They forgot about her and the two daughters after that.

Having waited for some signs of welcome from her in-laws, Anamika finally went to her in-laws house with her father on December 5, 2005. The atrocities on her started afresh.

She was asked to get Rs 10,000 per month from her father. Her father-in-law took away her SIM card. She was forced to use the nearby PCO to call her father.

On September 28, 2006, Anamika went to make one call to her father in the evening. When she returned, Mahendra, his father, and Smitha beat her up mercilessly and then told her to leave the house with her younger daughter.

Nowhere to go, Anamika went to the nearby house of a retired bureaucrat. After hearing about the incident, Anamika’s father rushed to Lucknow the same night.

An FIR was lodged with the Gomtinagar police station around 12 midnight. The police brought both Mahendra and his father MB Pandey to the police station and said they were under arrest.

However, when Anamika went there in the morning to get a copy of the FIR, she was told that they had been let off at the request of an IAS officer. Some changes were made in her FIR too.

Anamika then approached the SWC and the DGP office. The SWC has asked SP(TG) to appear on October 12 with the case details. A senior officer in the DGP office has issued directions to his sub-ordinates to take proper action.


Single parent and a mother of two daughters, her husband & FIL have legal proceedings going on…what a wretched situation.

But still admire her….for she alone will raise her daughters.


4 Responses to “All in the family”

  1. Anu Says:

    Most educated girls from the urban society do not even realize that they are ‘victims of domestic violence.’ Because they think it cannot happen to them. But it does and day in & day out they go through it.

  2. Kiran Says:

    I totally think the same. It is a myth that dowry cases have come down. Fact is many do not get reported also.

    Shame on the FIL and husband. And what can be said about the SIL—greed for money makes people go crazy. I am not surprised that some day her post will be taken from her for all her corruption.

  3. Sumanth Says:

    Why the hell women do not marry down?

    Because for women “size does matter.”

    Are not they finding enough men in India?

    Have you ever seen a female doctor marrying a male nurse?
    If not, why?

  4. Vidhya M. S Says:

    Yes I have seen rich girls marry men who dont come from well to do familes. So what? It is love, compassion that matters and not money.

    STOP…measuring marriage from monetary point of view.

    For you maybe marraige means how much money the girl gets unfortunately. Therefore you will never see happiness with this attitude.

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