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Another naive life takes to the ashes October 8, 2006

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I have come across several instances where husbands have driven wives to suicide leaving her with no alternative but to take that drastic step. By this- he goes scot free, the wife is dead and out of the way, and he is free to marry again. It is a very well planned strategy where he tortures her on a daily basis, harasses, traumatizes her mentally and taunts her. Gradually & deviously he breaks her self-confidence, lowers her self-esteem, and makes here feel unaided because she is anyway financially dependent on him. With all bitterness, fear, grief, surrounding her it leaves the helpless wife with no option but to take that last step, the step that will end it all for her, the step that will relief her from all the grief, pain, routine sadistic torture once and for all, forever.

This is happening everywhere. Leading the wife to suicide is an easy way to get the wife out of way, thus opening the door for the husband to remarry again a woman of his choice or in most cases marries the woman with whom he is having an extra marital affair. By this, he is liberated of the cumbersome divorce procedure just incase the present wife objects or creates hurdles wherein the divorce case can prolong for years thus preventing him to remarry his lover.

This morning I read another such tragic end of a naive 16 year old girl who ended her life- to end all the torture forever.

16, it is such a tender age, when I was 16 by the grace of God I had so many wonderful things going on in life. I was in junior college –free of worries. Enjoying and basking in all the magnificent things life had to offer me.

16 is no age to be a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of ones spouse or rather anytime ever.

16-yr-old kills herself after tiff with husband
HYDERABAD: A woman killed herself by banging her head against wall at a poultry farm in Ghatkesar on Friday.
G Manjula, 16, was married to Narender, a native of Orissa, six months ago.

They shifted to Maisammagutta in Ghatkesar and were working at a poultry farm since the last 12 days. The couple, along with other workers at the farm, were residing on the farm.

On Friday, Manjula complained of illness and asked her husband to take her to a hospital. Narender, however, chided her for complaining of frequent health problems and refused to take her to hospital.

Hurt by his snub, Manjula locked herself in a room and tied a saree around her neck to choke herself. She later banged her head against the wall following which she collapsed.

One of Manjula’s relatives saw her tying herself with the saree and raised an alarm. Around 50 workers at the farm gathered outside the room and broke open the door. Manjula died by that time.

Manjula’s parents—Mallamma and Bal Narsaiah—natives of Bhongir in Nalgonda district, however, alleged that their daughter was killed by Narender.

“There are four eye-witnesses to Manjula banging her head against the wall. But Manjula’s parents are alleging Narender killed their child,”Ghatkesar police inspector P Ramulu said.

Manjula’s forehead had severe injuries. Police are investigating the case.

In another incident, Narmada, 19, committed suicide due to alleged dowry harassment by her in-laws in Chandanagar on Friday.

By Ash


2 Responses to “Another naive life takes to the ashes”

  1. Kiran Says:

    And the saga continues. Either by female foeticide or suicide or dwory death.

  2. Vidhya M.S. Says:

    Only 16….goodness. Only if the husband was equipped to understand the needs of a naive 16 year old .

    Child marriage–another nuisance.

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