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Girl Child–still a burden October 8, 2006

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Killing of the girl child, discarding her at trash, finding ways to get rid her because she is considered a burden –Female infanticide and foeticide.

From time memorial it has been happening and continues to happen even today. It is absolutely deplorable that we as a society still have not overcome this crisis or change the perception of people who consider the girl child a burden.

The core reason behind female infanticide and foeticide has, is and will always be dowry dowry and dowry.

Then poor parents fear of their inability to pay dowry in the future for their daughter makes them kill her at birth and many times even before by aborting the foetus, or find ways to dispose her off.

Instead of curbing it, it is still occurring, is disgustingly prevalent and only taking a worst shape. These days the cost of a girl child’s life is cheaper than the cost of a shirt. That’s how cheap it gets!!

Can it get any worst than this??

By Vidhya M.S., IIT Mumbai


3 Responses to “Girl Child–still a burden”

  1. Preeti Says:

    it is getting more and more out of control. These kinda people do not deserve to have children at all.

    The ones who deserve to have- do not have children and the likes of the above are blessed with children but instead abuse them

  2. Iturkarp Says:

    By supporting love marriages in India, one can cure this evil slowly..but steadily.

  3. Prakruti Says:

    This is really sad.. I have only one thing to say to all those ignorant people..

    A son is a son till he gets a wife..but a daughter is a daughter all her life!!!


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