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Awareness-NRI marriages October 9, 2006

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The rise in NRI fraudulent marriages is seemingly increasing by the day. Young educated girls arrive in USA with big dreams only to realise they are tied to their husbands for each and every thing. They leave their lucrative jobs thinking they will have an alternative career here only to face some acidic truth that some of them are not even eligible have a driver’s license, bank account or even a library membership (in order to get library membership they need prove of mailing address-which they do not even have that because who would mail them anything)

Anu Peshawaria, who is running a legal NGO Seva in California is conducting several seminars to bring about awareness about NRI marriages and break some illusions.

She’s stated some absolutely appalling incidents and one of them being the husband divorced the wife, who was on an H-4 visa. She had to immediately leave the country but did not want to leave behind her child who was only six weeks old.

The seminars shall provide awareness about the immigration laws that can be attended by all NRI girls and her parents.

By Preeti


38 Responses to “Awareness-NRI marriages”

  1. Vidhya M.S. Says:

    I hope the seminar opens up the eyes of the parents and the girls as well.

    The pretty picture that is painted is all false and incorrect.

    Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

  2. Kiran Says:

    Indian women are so gullible that is so easy to dupe them. Little do we realize that all is not hunky dory when we come here.

    WE are tagged to our husbands. cannot even step out of the house in this land.

    H4 visa is nothing but a death trap.

  3. Kiran Says:


    My parents and I attended the seminar. It was marked by the presence of judges, lawyers and several reporters .

    1)Anu encouraged that prior to marrying an NRI man, the prospective bride must travel on fiancee visa which is valid for 90 days and that is sufficient to know the mans’ job, where he lives and if we one adjust to the new environment.

    2) She brought to everyones notice the sad state of girls who go to USA and are faced with atrocities and cultural shocks—NRI fradulent marriages on the rise.

    3) She also repeatedly pointed out that going on a dependent visa means staying at home and giving up ones career. Which made it clear to everyone that one must not fall for the false promises or distorted facts presented by the groom that a dependent visa status is eligible to work in USA.

    4) She received alot of positve feedback what with the media’s undivided attention.

    5) Several parents exchanged their stories one after the other, all with more or less the same outcome ir dowry harrassement, beaten up in USA, thrown out of the house in the middle of the night, locked up in the house for several months, all them had terrible facts to present full of physical abuse.

    6) Time and again it was repeated to be aware of the NRI grooms and NRI fradulent marriages are on the rise at an alarming rate. 

    7) There were judges present who stated their legal angle to the fradulent NRI marriages and suggested that some kind of MOU must take place to reduce these practices.

    8.)  Overall a very resourceful get together of all familes who are in the same boat. Information was exchanged and help was volunteered selflessly by complete strangers who have been through the same ordeal.

     9.) Parents of the bride suggested that strict action must be taken on the groom and his family who harrass the DIL and ruin lives. There are laws but the implementation of these laws are poor which gives the opporutnity to  the groom to go scot free.

    (there were some parents/criminals who were from the 498/dowry lobby trying to create a ruckus and gain sympathy with their crocodile tears by claiming that their sons cannot return to India because of these apparently false cases. Someone was quick to point out that if they are innocent then why are they scared?? the fact their own parents who have been granted bail are present the in function. After that they sat chupchap and sulked in one corner. It was a good thing they came, after all criminals had to be present and were given their dues–our dirty looks.)

  4. Ash Says:


    Since you attended, can figure out why these criminals, dowry seekers , parents of the grooms involved in fradulent marriages were given entry?

    Did they come to hog the free media attention that is duely earned by someone who has a huge credibility like Anu Peshawaria.

  5. Kiran Says:

    Well see they wanted a free wedding–which they got and NOW they want free publicity. What else? Did they get it ..the answer is NO. There were some jounos who were after them but you know the media will never write about them seriously , they will be ridiculed totally.

    Must say a couple of people from their group were trying to get all the attention until someone remarked “chor machaye shor”. Most of them were at the receiving end of stern stares by victims parents.

  6. Ash Says:

    CHOR MACHAYE SHOR….Well said.

    How unabashed can they get? Free wedding and loaded with dowry. What an inconvience in life not to have the son around to enjoy it.

  7. Kiran Says:

    All dowry seekers are criminals…
    But the hands of the Indian Law are too long…it will catch them.
    Dowry money can never be digested. Suckers!!

  8. Ranjana Says:

    All dowry seekers are criminals in front of the Indian Law and no matter what the law will get to them one day.
    Taking dowry is a sinful and deplorable act.

  9. Ranjana Says:

    Same to you , you dowry greedy suckers.

  10. All comments with inappropriate language will be deleted. If you have personal scores to settle , please take it somewhere else.

  11. Divya Says:

    Are Dowry givers criminal? Have you seen any dowry giver behind bars?

    It is so convenient to say that the marriage did not work because the in-laws were demanding more dowry.

    Have you thought of the other way round? How arrogant and rude today’s girls are?

    How about those “bold” girls like mallika, shilpa and rahkee sawant who are ready to show their flesh for few rupees. Don’t you think they will cry dowry harassment when their marriage is on the rocks….

    It is so easy to blame husband and his family..

  12. Amit Kapoor Says:

    MR Divya

    What is your problem if these girls show their flesh? It is their body and their desicion.

    The problem with you guys is that you think women to be your slaves.

    How loosely you accused mallika, shipa etc when you dont even know them.

    I would love to see dowry givers(if any) who are forced into giving dowry behind bars and dowry seekers(so many) hung .

    IF you have a problem about this article and write about it. You should have seen the so called dowry seekers in Anu’s seminar sitting on one corner .

    Mind you the point here is when DOWRY is demanded AFTER the wedding and is used as a blackmail tool . And when the girl refuses or fails to oblige she is burnt to death or tortured.
    In this case you fool, dowry-giver does not even arise.

  13. Sanjay Says:

    Screaming dowry harassment has been the latest scam by greedy Indian women, especially those married to NRI’s. The US and Canadian government have posted a warning to men travelling to India about these scams. Only the corrupt Indian politicians believe the fake sob story of these (edited). Most Indian feminists (read terrorists) encourage greedy Indian women in broken marriages to use this loop hole. It works only in India, these women are deported from the US and treated like criminals that they are, here.

  14. Ash Says:

    And these NRI men are treated like hard core criminals who stay here and very soon will have their passports impounded.
    You should read the above comment –of how parents of these criminals out on bail now, were present at Anu’s function sitting in one corner like mice hiding inside the hole.
    Deported huh??? any examples…please have a look at the various websites at this site, you will know that women are given adequate shelter.

    Infact the grooms like cowards do not return to India and come looking for their wives begging us to give the address of the wife so that HE can beg her to take the case back in India .
    How does that sound????

    By the way come off your dream world, the US and candian and Uk govt are in partnership with NCW and Girija Vyas to get these NRI men back to India who are absconding and put them on trial.(for more information read this article again and watch out for more on this site)
    On a lighter note…
    So tell me in which police statiion of India is your case running and since how many years have you not visited India you poor baby—dont cry.

  15. Mr Divya Says:

    The girls who marry NRIs are mostly highly educated themselves, many from upper middle class family, many working. Many these types of girls are under the influence of NCW and (edited)thinking, and false brainwashing of media by feminists. So for many girls making marriage work is impossible. In these cases matrimonial discord happens. The article tends to forget this reality and instead blames and punishes innocent husbands for all matrimonial discord. Instead we should focus on making divorce easy so that good men are not distroying their lifes. with Govt. funding of feminists the marriage breakup is increasing. About 10, 000 ,Ten thousand, complaints by wifes in delhi alone in 1 year, this is not a small number of mens lifes to be distroyed every year . This number is increasing every year due to Govt. funding of (edited) and wrong laws. So lets not waste the life of husbands by one sided unequal laws. Lets make it easy for NRIs to fight cases by wifes under one sided laws made to torture husbands. Let NRIs be allowed to use vidoe conferencing to attend court hearings specially NRIs who find it dificult to contest cases due to long travel distances,. Lets make divorce easier for men , from wrong one sided Indian laws meant to instigate women to distroy marriage. Punish women doing false complaints, stop the new domestic violence bill made to occupy the house by wife and remove all others from the house, which is wrong, and lead to harm to everyone in society.

  16. Ash Says:

    Video Conferencing huh??

    Again a DEMAND, does that not cost, is for free huh?
    demands demands demands demand for video conferenicng, demands for car, demands for TV,demands for money, demands for lands.and dowry demands, demands from the inlaws, demands from the wife, and NOW demands from the governemnt .
    Typical ‘jamai rajja’ attitude.

    Video conferencing will cost more than 50000rs each time for a court case. Why not you better go to india in 50000rs and do some service to your country, if you are innocent then damn go to India.

    Keep demanding….gosh we need much stricter laws so that you guys will dare not dare to think of demanding anything EVER.

  17. Truth Seeker Says:

    (some fallacious arguments by the dowry seekers & abusers)

  18. Truth Seeker Says:

    (expectations gallore—-loving it)[ranting ranting & ranting— btw loved your explanation on why NRIs cannot come to India, you were so quick to jump to Mr Divya’s (another multiple ID–infact his 4thone on this site) defense]

  19. Vinayak Says:

    I’m amazed at the level of vitriolic here

    If NRIs are such “criminals” or scum as SOME OF these posters state :

    – why do INDIAN women marry NRI in the first place ? WHY NOT marry RESIDENT Indians ??

    – why travel on a 90 day visa, see the boys job etc etc ?? WHY NOT MARRY CLOSER TO HOME ??

    – Isn’t it greed, DEMAND, sin …. when Educated Women wish to marry UP, meaning educated women want the MOST PRIZE CATCH of a man – these women wish to LIVE IN COMFORT USING the NRI’S money and

    – …why marry an NRI,
    … come back and file FALSE 498A cases,
    …go to a seminar,
    …call the parents of these boys shameless,
    …imagine that the media will NOT taken men seriously and
    …FINALLY come and cry in this blog …. ?
    WHY NOT MARRY RESIDENT INDIAN MEN who live in this Great country ?

    – there are 1000s of RESIDENT INDIAN MEN of marriageable age. what stops these blog writing, comment writing .. freedom seeking, Indian women from marrying them ??



  20. Vidhya M.S Says:

    I am once again enthralled by your ludicrous comments and questions

    Now my question to you is ?

    Why do NRIs marry indian girls?
    Why do they go to India and marry Indian girls?
    Why do NRIs not marry local Indian girls?
    or better still why do not NRIs marry the locals of the country they stay in?

    As per you if Indian girls are greedy and selfish then why did you NRI marry an Indian girl??

    You need not even bother to answer my questions because your own question was highly farcical in nature!!

    And the answer to the above questions is only one.

    That is NRI men when come to India can take the gullible girl for a royal ride full of lies, once she is in a foreign country blackmail her for dowry, torture and worst come if she goes back to India and files a dowry case you guys can avoid trail . (but the good news is soon treaties will be signed, implemented and all of you NRI men will be imported to India)

    Now had you married a local lady, she would have seen you give alimony, maintenance or rather rot in jail for extorting money in the name of dowry like any other terrorists.

    So please let me know why do NRI men come to India to marry? Did someone put a leash on them and get them here?



  21. Vidhya M.S Says:

    And as someone has rightly said ….if you have a problem about this post, then write about it in your blog. Don’t just sit there and comment on this one or rant about it here.

    Now get going and earn some money the hard way rather than dowry expectation.

  22. Itukarp Says:

    I like to respond to what Vinayak has stated even though by responding I am unwittingly recognize his irresponsible below the belt hit thinking he is playing a level field. I work in USA for a couple of decades after being born & brought up in India, and hence I can speak for both sides of this issue. I read Ms. Vidya’s response and agree with her totally but felt that she did not cover all the grounds to benefit those Vinayaks & others of his clansmen who want to live under shadows of their wife’s dowry money like a beggar seeking alms only difference is they have the audacity to dictate dowry which is not only immoral but a punishable offense.
    Having gone all the way to a foreign country your self Vinayak (I will not reduce my level to yours Vianayak by calling that as begging for e better job or seeking for greed in a foreign country if I had to assume your imbecile logic!)You have or low esteemed folks like you chosen to seek an Indian bride for the following reasons:
    (1) The bride from India will be like a slave for you & obedient and ignore your bad habits, may be your drinking or smoking cigars or dope or having a Girl Friend on the side. No other local lady would ever marry such a 18th century typical domineering man resulting in seeking a meek good looking , fresh Indian lady who would be a suitable slave for you & your folks & her MIL. In addition to being a slave it is a pity that one would seek dowry from another Indian soul while minting money in a foreign country instead of bringing other folks to prosperity. Vianayak you are a disgrace to any & every self-made, good, mature men.

    By hearing so many Vinayaks stories, people who really love our Indian tradition and wanted to have an Indian bride would have difficult time finding a bride soon, if these folks like him, tarnish the images of real NRI men who have their own source of income & can stand on their own leg instead of depending on dowry for their living. What a shame. I am disgusted even to respond to such fold from now onwards.

  23. Chandra G Says:

    My opinion:

    1. An NRI male may aspire to marry an indian woman for reasons of traditional, cultural, lifefstyle and habitual familiarity and compatibility. Something that helps him preserve his root, a root that he conscientously wishes to be attached to despite his existence in a radically different environment

    2. An Indian woman may aspire to marry an NRI for reasons that have nothing to do with his NRI status such as education, family background, compatibility and any other common and perfectly reasonable parameters. And then, she may also desire to marry an NRI for the promise of growth, opportunity and prosperity.

    I dont see anything wrong in either case! What would make it terribly wrong is if either’s principal objective of entering into a marriage is perverted. And I have seen perversions on both sides among friends and family (An NRI man victimized by an Indian woman,  and an Indian woman victimized by an NRI man). Regardless of the prognosis or diagnosis, the course of action should follow:

    1. Information dissemination on rights, duties and protections without the needless rhetoric and inflammatory propaganda
    2. Framing of the right laws
    3. Enforcement with efficiency, expediency and integrity
    4. Deterring penalties for misuse of provisions and protections

    Everyone here must understand that much of what our politicians/activists wish to achieve relies on raking up controversies, dividing and inflamming opinions and leaning towards the heavier populist side. This is a perverted and incompetent attempt to arrive at a conclusion by means that appear to be democratic. Let not passions and presumptions cloud our judgment. This is an important issue and let us address it with the seriouness and maturity we claim as educated people. Thanks!

  24. Neha Says:


    Can you please elaborate more on your experience at the seminar. I know you have given some detials but more will be appreciated.

    Especially the last part…would love to hear more facts.


    Can you site an example where even one NRI was put on leash to come down to India or rather forced to marry an Indian girl. And please do not give the garb of saying ” he wanted to marry a traditional village girl so he could have traditional indian children blah blah blah…to retain his culture…blah blah blah…”


    The fact is indian girls who go abroad on H4 visa are susceptible to harrassment, dowry , torture and all the various forms of torture that fulfills the desires of the saddistic perpetrator.

  25. Saurabh Says:

    Neha, why do u think keeping Indian Values is …blah blah blah…
    What is wrong in keeping Indian Tradition in children?
    You may have some good points too. Please elaborate.

  26. Saurabh

    Indian culture huh?? Sure we have loads of it and not once deprecating language was used by anyone of us.
    I have comments under moderation with some of the choicest of words used from the (I assume) offenders . As of today (and this post aside) with the comments I have received, it sure reflects the poor upbringing of most of them that they had to desperately resort to using this deprecating language. Was no Indian culture imbibed in them?

    Sure, to everything there are 2 sides and you may have something to say too. Speak any language to express yourself but in any language there is no dearth of better words to put your point across.

    This is not the first time your comments have been deleted.

    If you choose to differ and still want to use offensive language, then please do write about it on your website. Our point of views, thoughts , opinions, beliefs are focused and clear, and we are closed about it.

    Also if you want your comments to be put up, avoid the links of certain orgs as this is not and will not be the platform to promote it.

  27. Saurabh Says:

    Can you please let me know, what were the words which offended you/others. I am not sure I used any in my two above comments. Next, this is the first time I put my views on this site. I am not sure what you are referring to as past.
    Your last point agreed as I did not know the Website link should not be used for the points mentioned by you. Please clarify the first two points as now I am feeling offended.

  28. Saurabh

    Was not referring to your comments solely . I have clearly said “I have comments under moderation with some of the choicest of words used from the (I assume) offenders” who btw have used the same link as you, so obviously you have the same views since you belong to the same group and more or less speak the same lingo, or so I thought.

    Anyway, what I perceive about you and vice versa is not relevant. Once again our views on this are closed.

  29. Neha Says:

    What happened to the Vinyak champ? It has taken him 2 days to get the answers? Most people land themselves with their foot in their mouth when they think they are the best….my foot!

    What a feeble attempt to portray women as the culprits , desperate attempt , loosers last attempt, I pity him. Still he has not learnt his lessons.

  30. Neha Says:

    To Mr Divya of # 15

    You suggested “Let NRIs be allowed to use vidoe conferencing to attend court hearings specially NRIs who find it dificult to contest cases due to long travel distances,”


    1) Now you will get a direct face to face view of the judge live in the court.
    2)And your long distance travel will be paid by the government –the tax payers hard earned money.

    SO both your problems are solved now.

    What luck man …But u sure are damn lucky, coz u got a free 5star wedding, tons of dowry and now with this extradation they will also get a FREE AIR TICKET.

    Enjoy huh!!!!

  31. S Sharma Says:

    MMMMM Some Women with professional ambitions are dowry seekers who make crocodile tears and claim that they are victims of dowry. Such women want to have total independence and do want to have marriage for home making and by tricks weant good woman to follow their steps so that their tribe increase. Women are respected when they have mamta and respect for family prestige. Be woman who is home maker i.e. family maker and not family buster for professional selfish aims. DO NOT USE THE NAME OF “KIRAN” . SHE HAS MERITS IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.SEE YR FATHER, BROTHERS. SISTERS ARE THEY NOT GOOD.

  32. Bharat Kumar Says:

    It has been observed lately that the manipulative women in India are targeting the NRIs and then playing ‘victim’ of dowry demands.This practice ,also known as legal terrorism,has given a bad name to India and the modern countries have issued warnings to all their citizens visiting India to stay away from such women. Like they say the dowry law was made for ‘Sitas’ but modern day ‘Soorpnakhas’ are taking advantage.
    Most of the women who act like protecting the ‘rights’ of the women do not have a role model marital lives themselves.

  33. Ash Says:

    Hey Bharat

    read this to know who is receivng the warning

    The interpol is after you

  34. reddy Says:

    cut the crap of indian culture and etc. what’s indian culture? ( i am born and brought up here living elsewhere now), i still support my full family only working individual in a 6 member family. being a reddy dint want dowry ( my sister is a dowry victim) wanted to end the dowry cycle in my immediate family at my level. i have an interracial child and i am happily married.

    INDIAN CULTURE. where is it what is it. people hate each other no mutual consideration towards each other no responsibility towards society, environment ( look outside the window at the road you will know what i am talking about). be realistic may be you would like to say indian culture is great and all that. its a money driven culture. people simply act like a pack of dogs at the trash bin. grab the mouth full and run. if someone wants to address the dowry problem marry yourself and your immediate relatives outside your respective religion and caste. dont offer any dowries let all the expenses be borne by both sides equally. do your share and preach the same to your friends and family.

    dont shout in this blog check your heart look into your eyes your will know how guilty you are like anyone else you blamed.

    get out of the religion and caste prejudice. dowry starts from there. promote the love marriages that will fix most of the problems. if you want to do more marry the divorced.

  35. reddy Says:


    i am an NRI too these so called NRI’s show the pictures of niagara and vegas but live like worse than the poor. pathetic lives they lead. but present them selves as living rich poor girls here buy them and their H1/greencards hoping they will bath in niagara and gamble in vegas just to their shock will be surprised with a cheap apartment where this $ hungry NRI is waiting to get her a job in the local mall illegally and making her study something thats hot in the market so she can earn more $s for him. Dont marry your girls to any NRI’s who take dowry. and average indian makes about 30 lakhs in US. i dont see a reason why they should take a dowry. poor girls father works hard does all kinds of corrupt practices cheats people to save all the money(a normal employee cannot save 30-50 lakhs doing something legal in india) to give it away to some incompetent joker. who inturn takes his money and girl and enslave her. poor girls get pregnant no women by their side. go thru all the trouble themselves. than raise the kids in a day care or send them to india living away from their prized kids just to make that $ for this joker. is it any different than what those bonded labourers we used to see some years ago.

    I have many ppl ask me to find boys i say no if you want you child happy dont marry them to NRI’s. I hardly know any girl who lives in US is any happier than she could have been here.

  36. Prakruti Says:

    Hi Reddy!.. I agree with you completely. At some point we should stop complaining and make a change and difference in our immediate surroundings, however small it may be. Also NRI’s or not..people will always be people. I have lived outside India too for many years now… and the glamour is not there any more. Its just another place finally.

    Finally, personal happiness comes from within and the more we look for happiness outside ourselves the more we are looking for the elusive and transient pleasures in life..


  37. sufferer Says:

    am also the sufferer like you.i came back to india on nov 15 th 2006 along with my baby.i even filed a case against them but he escaped from india after filing a can you help me in how to publish my story in internet.and i want to know whether your husband got back to india?i just dont want any money or benefits from my husband?only thing i want is why he left me and my baby .so please give me some suggestions to deal this case if you can try to help feeling very sorry after coming to know like so many are suffering like me.

  38. Neha Says:

    Please join the group immediately. You will receive assistance in abundance.

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