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Travel and Leisure October 11, 2006

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Gear up for some fun times….. 🙂

I have been reading all the articles on the site with interest and also the equally interesting feedback and comments for the authors and others. So now comes something quite different…

Planning and ENJOYING vacations being single and with kids can be a daunting thought. Planning a vacation by myself with the kids seemed so scary to me at first. But I was determined to test it out. Since our first holiday by ourselves to Paris we have also been to Kenya, Amsterdam, Venice and numerous locations in Switzerland. Since we also travel to India atleast once a year we have also been to many places there like Coorg, Vythri, Mysore, Trivandrum… Here are some tips for the single parent or even if you are travelling alone:

1. Plan ahead for the best prices and the most convenient timings. If you are travelling by road print maps etc in advance and speak to people who have been that route before. They can have some amazing tips. If you are travelling in India by road, choose the car and driver carefully!!
2. Book a hotel in advance. A decent one located close to the places you would like to visit is best. It need not be fancy but it should be clean and safe. Don’t take any chances with the hotel, a good reference from friends who have travelled or a good guidebook like lonely planet is a must.
3. Travel light!!
4. Plan for the evenings. After a nice full and tiring day, kids like to relax in the hotel, may be watch a movie or play games like cards or other board games, read, draw, etc. Be prepared and carry what you need to keep them entertained.
5. Plan what you will be doing in advance in a way that there is variety for them and for you. Museums are not normally the most exciting places for the kids so club it with something more fun for them. Don’t plan to see too many places in a day. Its better to spend time sitting around in roadside cafes and by the riverside etc than rushing from one ‘spot’ to another.
6. Carry some snacks and water in your backpack and get the kids to carry some too. You never know how far food can be sometimes and how inedible too!!!
7. Invest in a good guidebook. Personally I love the Lonely Planet guidebooks. Maps and telephone numbers etc
8. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. First aid-to be carried, credit cards and travel documents-to be kept very safely, carry as little money as needed, keep the kids close and tell them what to do if they are separated from you, give them mobile phones if possible, dress appropriately and prepare for the local weather
9. Making friends. Sometimes it is comforting to make friends and tag along but be careful and do that only if the other group also really wants that. Sometimes it’s more fun to spend the time with yourself and the kids alone. Be wise in choosing.
10. Don’t be nervous, as the kids can smell your fears. Be cheerful and you will spread happiness and cheer around!!

Enjoy …. 🙂

By Prakruti


6 Responses to “Travel and Leisure”

  1. PurpleA Says:

    Sounds like good fun.
    Wonderful tips for Single Moms in our group.
    Life seems enjoyable for you with your little bundle of joys by your side.
    Touring all the places above that too with kids is definitely adventurous.

    Way to go gurl 🙂

  2. Prakruti Says:

    I am glad you agree.. PurpleA. As I say to my friends these are the deposits we make into our memory bank!!


  3. Iturkarp Says:

    Dear Prakruti:

    You are a great organizer and I wish I am inluded in your group for travel and can carry the travel stuff around, in return for all of you!

  4. Prakruti Says:

    Hi Itukarp
    I am not truly a good organiser, however, it is something I have picked up in life (our of necessity)..There are something that im highly disorganised with..but lets just say i am organised in a way that i decide what to organise (the important things) and what not to (the unimportant things)!!


  5. Iturkarp Says:

    Dear Prakruti: I like to add a comment on travel. Is it not great to be with your kids alone when we travel on vacation some 16 hrs a day together huddled in a room or site seeing and hearing them giggle and talk about US and others & their schoolmates that we could never hear if not for that trip on vacation. That is why I love vacation with family just to hear my kids talk & I listen with or without their knowledge that I am listening for once with no commandments of what not to do but let them do what ALL they want to do:-). I still remember seeing my kids giggle in animated fun when they get to pet all the roadside dogs, cats and Cows and Calves on the street with no restrictions during my India trip was the best experience I had and enjoyed!

  6. Prakruti Says:

    Hi Iturkarp
    Yes that is so true.. Once in Venice we were about to take the gondola to visit one of the islands off Venice and the boatman said.. mother and two boys this way please.. !! My son couldnt stop teasing my daughter as she was refered to as a boy .. and the look on my daughters face was so comical!!!

    I have many such memories of little things but they are so invaluable!! U r completely right!!


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