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Justice delayed for a DIL who hails from a judicial family October 16, 2006

Filed under: Dowry Menace,Legal Issues,Matrimonial Conflicts — togetherwebond @ 9:49 am

Is it plausible that a daughter-in-law belonging to the chief justice’s family would also be tortured for dowry?

Moreover if he girl is also an educated management student and still is being harassed for dowry?

Can you imagine the audacity of the husband’s side that dared to demand dowry?


Still no arrests have been made!!! Wonder wonder…..hmmmm!!!

Aarti Kara, granddaughter-in-law of the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Ranganath Misra, has demanded immediate arrest of her husband and mother-in-law for torturing her for dowry.

“I have full faith in the judiciary and police. But I fail to understand why no action has been initiated against those who tortured me,” she said.

If this is the plight if an educated woman coming from an affluent background and justice is still delayed to her,… then can we imagine what would be the saga of uneducated women? What would be the predicament of rural women? What would be the plight of women coming from poor families who are harassed for dowry ruthlessly?

This is the instance of one urban educated woman who has come forward to report her case, but there are several cases that go unreported and are hushed up. The reason they go unreported is because most of them are embarrassed to admit they are victims of domestic violence and severe dowry harassment lest it blemish their image –an image that goes with them that they are strong independent educated women to whom no harm can be done and would not tolerate injustice. How ironical though, that it is expected of them to be independent but still tolerate domestic and dowry harassment!!!

BUT the fact of the matter is that most of them are reluctant and apprehensive to come forward and admit it. Reasons are many …fear, social stigma, hope against hope to save their marriage, denial, suppression or susceptibility towards the situation or vulnerability.

There are many women out there, who endure this maltreat silently for various reasons cited above. Dowry practice seems to be only rising because people have their own vested hidden interests and we have a long way to go before we stop this terrorism of extorting money.

By PurpleA


19 Responses to “Justice delayed for a DIL who hails from a judicial family”

  1. Kiran Says:

    What a nuisance is this!!

    Just coz he is a grandson of the CJI, he thought he will not get arrested. Maybe yes. But now he is EXPOSED TO THE WHOLE WORLD.

    Women beaware.

    Here is another dowry-seeker exposed.

  2. Ash Says:

    Nevertheless I am sure he is exposed big time and will loose all his credility.

  3. Vidhya Says:

    The lawmakers are themselves the misusers.

  4. Mr Divya Says:

    This clearly is a one sided ideas of antimen lobby.It is a shame that in the name of supporting women we are trying our best to attack the family structure by making issues as criminal.Why cant we treat everybody equally irrespective of male or female.I totally agree that if there is any evidence let the person get max punishment but how can anybody with sane mind support laws like 498a and dv bill as well as one proposed here and another called marital rape.I am sure if women dont want an nri they can refuse to marry and nobody will force them.Educated women particularly are misleading the police and judiciary to take revenge against their husbands family.We are propagating broken families by criminalising problem marriages.One day it will catch up with you guys too.I feel innocents should not be punished at any cost.Will our best and beloved manmohan singh take this into account.God knows.God bless him if he brings laws like this.

  5. Ash Says:

    MR Divya

    Since how many years you not returned to India?

    I ask you if you are innocent then, come out in the open.

    MR divya, you have a problem then write about it on your site, why the hell are you coming here?
    Did we invite you?

  6. Truth Seeker Says:

    (comment deleted– the language that you have used is what your father must have used on his wife. The same you must have aped and used on your wife. That is why you are alone today. Such type of comments will not see the light of the day)

  7. Murali Says:

    (the usual complaining will be deleted)

  8. Preeti Says:

    Oh for God’s sake, if you men are so angry, go amuse yourself somewhere else (where women are suitably passive and suitably naked). Its the World Wide Web remember? You don’t have to post here if you feel so persecuted. Hey, if women are so all powerful and such monsters, how come our country has such terrible statistics about the quality of life for women?

  9. Centaur Says:


    I agree with the fact that women face these problems and are opressed by everyone including, at times. their own parents. But there is a flip side to this too. There are women who in-spite of their innocence are harassed and have to go through the agony of being imprisoned and treated like criminals because another woman has decided to extract a her pound of flesh.

    I am talking about the mother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, and other women relatives of the groom.

    I am fully supportive of the fact that laws should be there to have people who harass their wife, or in-laws who do it for dowry and torture their daughter in law for money.

    The only thing that we need to look at here that the general guidelines for formulating laws and with regard to trials etc, have always emphasized on the maxim that An innocent person should not be punished even if 9 criminals are left unpunished. This only shows that punishing the guilty is very important in society, but the fact that innocent people should not be punished is stressed on even more.

    With the law being the way it is and with the attitude of the police and the lower courts being the way it is, in every case for 498a, all relatives of the husband are picked up and sent to jail as soon as the bahu/daughter in law makes a written complaint to the police. Statistical evidence shows that the extent of frivolous charges is so much that out of the total cases presented before the courts, the conviction rate is only 2% which says a lot about the integrity of the police, the girl’s family and the lady herself.

    I think all the ladies here will agree that no two people in the world are exactly the same, irrespective of their gender and we have our fair share of Mr. Hydes in society but then we also have women who are caught and punished for doing things which are supposed to be un-womanly and outright inhuman.

    The recent case which is under investigation by the CBI pertaining to a lady professor in a university in Meerut is a case in point. This woman used to get friendly with people in high offices and went to the extent of providing sexual favors to them. There were two reasons for such behavior, one to get favors from these influential people and two, to use video recordings of their sexual escapades with her (which were filmed secretly) to extort money from these men.

    Now I know for a fact that a majority of women in our country cannot fall to that level and cant even think of doing something like this, but does that change the fact that this woman did it? This is only one example and you look around you, I am sure you will find many cases where women have dome things which are thought of as impossible for a woman like killing their children, killing their husbands to elope with their lovers, killing their own parents for money and property etc.

    So can this be used to defend the statement that women are like that? NO, it cannot as women are not like that. What I want to explain to the ladies is the fact that there is no doubt there are men who are cruel and intimidating, there are in-laws who are greedy and only after money, but that doesnt make all males criminals and since the law follows the maxim “Innocent until proved guilty”, men should be allowed a fair trial and if found guilty, should be punished severely so that it can be a deterrent for other like minded individuals.

    The law has been in place for almost 24 yrs now (498a) and I know it for a fact that if you pick up the newspaper, you will find three or four cases everyday where a woman had to pay with her life because of not bringing dowry. So has the law helped? It has only helped women who are out to earn a quick buck and harass people as they know the law and the way it is implemented will take its toll on the groom and his family and they will most likely be on their knees even before the actual trial starts.

    What I suggest is that such laws shpuld be reviewed and data should be collected to check whether the purpose behind these laws i.e. to serve as a deterrent, is being achieved.

    Secondly woman and man are supposed to be equal and women have been demanding equality in everything which is their right. How can the government of a democracy make and pass a law that discriminates on the basis of gender?? What some men have done for so many years and got away with has been cruel, inhuman and deserves punishment, but today making women all powerful to the extent which the DV act goes, will only mean that things will be vice-versa, men are being harassed and will be till the law is changed.

    So is it correct that men were cruel and were harassing women because of the social structure and it was a bad thing, and the cure for this is to make a law which makes it easy for a woman to do the same things to men and that too with the help of the law!!! isn’t an atrocity an atrocity irrespective of whether it is a man or a woman responsible.

    The law should be based on evidence and facts and should not take one persons word as gospel truth and regard the other as a liar and a criminal. If nothing else the act can atleast be amended and a clause added to it, to provide for exemplary punishment for women found to be guilty of making false complaints and the man must be compensated by the state and the woman. Maybe that will help in bringing down cases of false harassment as this will be a deterrent for unethical women who do this for monetary gain.

    Most women who need these laws are still being harassed without any respite to them as they are either unable to make a complaint or choose to bear the torture in the name of Indian values. Our values tell us that it is a crime to inflict cruelty on another, but a worse crime to quietly be subjected to such cruelty.

    I would also like the ladies writing here to think about the fact that their father, uncles, grandfathers are also men. Do they think they deserve such treatment only because they are men in a gender biased society?? How many of you have seen your father harassing your mother? I am sure most of us have not, which is all I can say.

    Don’t start anything with a biased point of view is supposed to be the right way of dealing with situations, but surprisingly in today’s day and age we have a country, its government and administration which is biased and is proud of it. All men are not monsters and similarly all women are not saints which can be seen in our society everyday.

    Is it wrong to give a man or woman the right to defend themselves and be treated at par with each other. The constitution guarantees the right to equality and article 15 allows special laws to be made for uplift of women and other people who have been harassed due to our social system. Does it give anyone the right to treat a person as guilty ab-initio?? Natural justice also allows a person to be treated as innocent till proven guilty, is it asking too much if we men want to be treated fairly.

    It looks like we are the unfortunate ones who will suffer for the sins of our fathers, grandfathers and ancestors, and will be tortured mentally and physically for getting married whether by way of an arranged marriage or a love marriage.

    I would like to end my post with something to think about for the men and ladies out there. ” ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY” it used to be the men earlier and sadly the injustice doesn’t stop, only the table have turned and women who criticize the system, men and society at large do not even think about the fact that a crime is a crime, who ever does it, and are actually being cruel, heartless and inhuman with state support, in a way proving the fact that men and women are not too different, when men had power, they abused it and now it’s the womans turn.

    Your comments are welcome.

  10. Prakruti Says:

    Hi Centuar..
    Finally I see some hope!! I have been seriously considering if everyone was going progressively mad or was something terribly wrong with me..

    First of all I am completely in agreement with the fact each one is an individual and has his or her own qualities.. no two people, irrespective of their sex are alike. But the fact that women had been disadvantaged for many years and are continue to be (now more subtly perhaps) cannot be ignored. There are always the outlyers and that is why every rule has an exception! This is true for men and women and for everything else one can think of!!

    Secondly, no law on earth can compensate for decency towards fellow people, and there is no religion, that advocates what we sometimes hear and what we label as extremely unreasonable behaviour.

    Lastly, laws are always made to benefit the weakest of the weak, this is logical as we cannot have laws for the urban liberated women which is different from the laws for the uneducated, tradition and myth shackled and financially dependent women.

    Loop holes exist in every situation in life, not just in law but also at work, in school, in relationships, and so on. However, what guides us to behave reasonable is no the law (or tha lack of it) but pure decency towards our fellow people!!

    May be I am too idealistic..!!


  11. Vanita Says:


    2% are convictions! Yes so. In India it takes decades to come to a legal conclusion.
    2% convictions does not mean that 98% are false cases. What a stupid logic you have. Were you drunk when you wrote this.

    And law is EQUAL for everyone. So what if the husband’s sister and mother are arrested. They DESERVE to be in prison.

    It is these SILs and MILs who use to burn the DIL alive. Their home in now only one place. JAILS. Law is EQUAL for everyone.

  12. Centaur Says:

    (oops the delete button onmy key board works overtime)

  13. Rachana Says:

    Hello Administartor,
    Please watch the postings and let us know if you are busy on road we will take care of the negative postings.

    I agree with you, somebody is misusing and postings comments in our name. They cud be like Mr.Ash and now you can see Mr.Prakruti too.
    So nice you were honest to say that the above comment is not posted by you.


  14. Rachana
    Dont be so affected by the comments.

    Learn how to have fun at the insecure minds of these imposters.

    We all know you would not say something like this 🙂

    Thanks everyone for you patience and support.

  15. Centaur Says:

    (you need help, sure ! Book a room in the mental hospital. A man who shamelessy talks about his wife’s health conditions is a LIAR and suffers from several disorders himself. Also it is illegal to disclose anyone’s illness, did you know that? BUT the good news is that your wife has bit you in the butt hard enough that its pain will last a lifetime. Enjoy!)

  16. Centaur Says:

    (The language that you use, I am surprised that your wife has not filed a DV act on you 🙂 )

  17. Woman Says:

    Did he call his mother a bitch? Foul language. You know why he calls his mother a bitch? I know this guy he suffers from disorders and lusts after women his mother’s age. You know, some men like it old and experienced

  18. Centaur Says:

    Yeah woman way to go….. if you use that language it is a.o.k. but if I do it it is a crime. being two-faced is what u people excel at. Like acting like the poor tormented housewife in front of the court and then making telephone calls asking for forgiveness which is what my wife is doing now.

    I don’t know what u women want. If a guy respects u and treats u as an equal u want to bully and control him, if he loves u more than anything in the world you think he is a fool and try to control him, if he respects ur parents, ur work and ur being a woman, you think he is a sissy and if he doesn’t do any of the above he is labelled a MCP.

    For a person like me to be getting the kind of responses I have from you people, is like virgin mary being labelled a mary magdalene.

    I wish I cud get into my wife’s head to know what made her not only give up a ten year old relationship, but also in a way that is outright cheap and cruel. For a person who has lost his father, his son, and his elder brother, I am unfortunate to have lost my love i.e. my wife that too for no reason at all.

    I still crave for her, because I love her despite her health, her mistakes and her cruelty which I have been subject to since july last year. I love her because I know I am not perfect and I believe people make mistakes but they are not things which u can hold against them for a lifetime.

    I feel my wife is under the influence of her parents or something as they were initially against our marriage. I cannot take it when she lies blatantly about everything we shared and cannot understand how she can say them when she was always so loving and caring and told everyone I mean the world to her. I thought there is some misunderstanding which has led her to behave like this and tried to find out what the problem was. It was so humiliating to have gone to wish her on her birthday only to have another complaint lodged against me for having tried to kill her!!!!

    I think the way the world is going, u guys will have a hard time finding partners as men are downright scared of the laws in our country which are a shame considering the right to equality being a right guaranteed by the constitution. It is funny how people who make such laws forget there are three sides to every story, your’s mine and the truth and thus the truth is what should be considered rather than just your story or mine.

    I am prepared to face whatever the courts hand out to me if I have done even one of the things which have been alleged by my wife. I will make sure that she suffers for her lies, for betraying my trust, for branding me a liar when I have never lied to her about my worst deeds, bad habits or anything else in the world.

    I do know that just like all men are not the beasts they are made out to be, I will surely find women who are reasonable and not biased like most of the women here who seem to be wearing blinders and living in their own illusions.

    I feel sorry for the ones who are tortured, abused, exploited and killed everyday and yet never get justice when some scheming unscrupolous ones are making money by using the law as a weapon. It is because of women lie them that such laws will soon be changed and unfortunately the ones who actually need them will never benefit.

    If u can talk like educated decent women and allow others to share their views I think half the problem is solved. But it seems unlikely going by the ganging up you guys indulge in when talking against a man’s views. It shows that even with the education you have been given, most of you don’t even have thoughts or ideas of your own and are happy to follow and agree with the views which some of the literate but un-educated women who can never think beyond their make up, clothes, movies, gossip and bitching about other women.

    I was attending a function in a women’s hostel and in one of the debates, a girl rightly said “Aura Hi Aurat Ki Dushman Hai”, because it is women who treat their male child like a gift of the gods and their female child as a curse, it is women who torment their bahus for dowry and make their life hell, and it is women who are willing to sell themselves to the highest bidder in order to be able to wear diamonds and will stop at nothing to bring another woman who is better looking than them, down.

    Do u even know what a disorder is?? I guess u just hear these words and have to use them to show ur intelligence which is quite visible in the kind of responses where you are insulting another woman (my mother) because u cannot take her son’s answer to your stupid and downright offending posts.

    use your heads for a little more than just something to hold on to your hair and maybe we will have a better world where it is not men & women or men against women or vice versa, but just people against people as they don’t agree with each other’s ideas and thoughts.

    That is when u will be truly liberated.

  19. Prakruti Says:

    I can get a glimple of the bitterness and pain inside you. I wont even try try to analyse your problems..but there are always two sides to a story.. and different perspectives and reasons and so on..

    However, let me give you a peice of advice which will go a long way hopefully.. There sre somethings in your life that YOU can influence and somethings that you cannot. Focus your energies on those that you can and change your life for yourself. Dont go after something that is not within your control..

    Oh God give me the strength the change the things I can and accept those I cannot. And give me the wisdom to know the difference.


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