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Some respite for NRI wives October 23, 2006

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I keep coming across of NRI fraudulent marriages all the time, more and more such of these incidents are daily reported to various organizations and some even appear in news sections. Women are held enslaved by their NRI husbands in his house, cut off from the world outside or even thrown out in the middle of the cold night with no money or financial aid by their NRI husbands in foreign lands. All of these are some sadistic ways to torture his wife.

The reasons are several… either non-fulfillment of dowry demands, or the woman questions her husband when she discovers that her husband already had a previous wife, or the husband is a divorcee and hid this fact from her, or he married her only for money, or the wives realizes the bitter truth that she was lied to that she could work. All this creates disputes and the consequences are severe that she is tormented easily because she has no family of hers in the foreign land and is totally at the mercy of her husband.

But with the relentless endeavors of Girija Vyas, NCW and many more who are dedicated to bring the culprits to India to face trial. She was recently in UK on a 5-day successful trip and held talks with officials in the Indian high commission in UK. This could also result in setting up of a welfare cell soon that will act as a resource centre for victims. She pressed for a protocol to protect victims of dowry harassment and domestic violence in NRI marriages.

This is what British foreign and commonwealth office (FCO) had to say : “They found that a large number of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis were victims of “forced marriages”, but complaints from Indians range from abandonment, dowry harassment to domestic violence.

Officials stress the need for coordination between offices in the two countries”.

Girija Vyas suggested “that NCW, in coordination with the ministry of overseas Indian affairs(MOIA), share data on men and women migrating to the UK after marriage and a similar list be given by the British counterparts to India. This will thus protect victims of dowry harassment and domestic violence in NRI marriages.”

After the powerful seminar held by Anu Peshawar in Delhi and massive awareness by MOIA , all of this has already created a stir and nervousness amongst the perpetrators. And now with this good news and plan by Girija Vyas, it has frustrated and aggravated them no end and they are running to hide. I can clearly see them faltering and little do they realize that the world is round and one day they will have to return to India to face the trail.

For more details and good news read here

Seems like this Diwali has got some respite for all NRI wives.

By Ash


2 Responses to “Some respite for NRI wives”

  1. Vidhya Says:

    Wonderful News and I know for a fact that this will happen. Once a woman decides something , she will get it DONE.

  2. […] Ash explores ‘fraudulent NRI marriages’ at togetherwebond, a place ‘where women from all corners of the world gather on a common forum to discuss their thoughts, feelings, provide emotional comfort & solace to each other who are in abusive marriages, from the confines of their own homes.’ Posted by kuffir […]

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