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Hunted down-finally October 24, 2006

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After years of relentless exertion and efforts of numerous officials from all walks of life, infinite media exposure & support, treaties that were signed between countries and finally NOW comes the implementation part. The most awaited part of the whole process. The day has finally arrived and it is here, that will bring relief to all those battered wives who were victims of NRI fraudulent marriages, who have waited for years patiently. Their prayers have finally been answered.

The time has come for the absconding NRI husbands to come back to their home country India to face trail. The home coming time is here.

1)The first one to return. A case was booked against him after his wife father, a resident of Sri Nagar Colony, lodged a complaint.

2) A red corner notice was issued recently against Saheedar Seshagiri, a software engineer in New Jersey, who allegedly harassed his wife for dowry. CID booked a case against him after his wife Dr D. Sirisha’s parents lodged a complaint. US officials impounded his passport on the letter

given by CID.

3) A red corner notice was issued against Eddepalli Prabhakar Reddy, a native of Anantapur residing in US, for bigamy and cruelty against women.

Interpol aids AP husband-hunt

Hyderabad, Oct. 20: Interpol has issued a record 300 red corner notices to help Andhra Pradesh police trace NRI husbands who are wanted for harassing their wives. In fact, majority of the suspects being hunted by the AP police in foreign countries are crooked hubbies. Extradition of about 27 of these suspects is in the final stages and one of them is to be sent back to the State very soon by the United States authorities.

CID deputy-inspector general S. Umapati said that the ministry of external affairs had forwarded extradition papers in several other cases to countries such as the US and the UK. “The US federal government has sent them to States where the NRI husbands are hiding,” he said.

Curiously enough, there are only a handful of suspects wanted in cheating and murder cases hiding abroad. Almost 90 per cent of the red corner notices issue by the Interpol was for cheating husbands. For instance, a red corner notice was issued recently against Saheedar Seshagiri, a software engineer in New Jersey, who allegedly harassed his wife for dowry.

CID booked a case against him after his wife Dr D. Sirisha’s parents lodged a complaint. US officials impounded his passport on the letter given by CID. Last month, a red corner notice was issued against Eddepalli Prabhakar Reddy, a native of Anantapur residing in US, for bigamy and cruelty against women. “Most of these cases involve harassment of brides for dowry,” said N. Radha, a marriage counsellor. “In some cases, the husbands have abandoned their wives.

There have been instances of wives discovering that their husbands had other wives abroad”.

Some wives who went abroad were subjected to physical and mental torture by the husbands. Others found themselves out of wedlock through ex-parte divorce. A top police officer said that extradition of criminals from the US had become easier after the signing of the mutual legal assistance treaty in 2001. “AP police has got much expertise in extradition process,” he said. “The extradition of Krushi scamster Kosaraju Venkateswara Rao from Thailand was a


Mr Umapathi pointed out that though Punjab had the largest number of cases relating to NRI husbands ditching their wives it was for AP that the most number of red corner notices were issued. “The trauma that abandoned wives and their families undergo is terrible,” he said. “In some cases, NRI husbands patch up with their in-laws after notices are issued”. Even if one such NRI husband was brought back to face trial, it would send a strong message, he added.

Thanks to the efforts of CID deputy-inspector general S.Umapati who has made this possible. He is right, that even if one NRI husband were taken to task by the law, justice would eventually be served to that one woman. This will give optimism to several other victims who have gone through the tedious waiting process for decades unwearyingly, that justice will be served to them also someday soon….very very soon.

Hope our Indian media will once again continue to cover these cases with zeal and sincerity so that these culprits realize that they are under sharp public scrutiny also.

By Ash


23 Responses to “Hunted down-finally”

  1. Kiran Says:

    This is such great news. I can’t believe it is for real!!
    Great job done by the officials

  2. Ranjana Says:

    Once these guys arrive to India, will they be given high class treatment (like the gangster Abu is given)or taken to jail for the mere fact that they eluded the trail for years.

  3. Vidhya M.S Says:

    Well…good question!! Who knows. Hopefully we should get to see it LIVE on TV –THEIR HOMECOMING.

    It is worth the wait 🙂

  4. Neha Says:

    Dear Ranjana

    I hope not , i hope not, I hope not. Do not worry , it will not happen.

    The government of India cannot afford to keep these criminals in bunglows or hotels. They will go where they deserve to be because anyways they have lost all credibility by avoiding the trial and not coming for the hearings. That is the biggesttttt mistake they have done. Now it will go against them.

    But they sure are damn lucky, coz they got a free 5star wedding, tons of dowry and now with this extradation they will also get a FREE AIR TICKET.

  5. Dinesh Says:

    this is such a good case, but as usual all the judges in these cases will be bought out by the grooms family, they lie low for some years are good to start a ‘fresh’ life by posting new ads in matrimonials – i myself know of 2 such cases.

    hope the new dowry law and the interpol cases will make the so-called educated ‘men’ how to respect women.

  6. Well wished Dinesh

    We hope so too. As long as there are men like you, times will change.

  7. Iturkarp Says:

    Great Job! I left India many years ago and could not believe that Indian Govt and Officials bring such culprits to justice! Hats off to them all and the courageous women who fight for justice that would help all others even though they fell a prey to such NRI men. I wonder if I should expose (which might bring in a bad name to Indian Marriage market business exposed to the world as a side effect) these stories in local media in NJ or in USA other cities to warn prospective Rajus and Shesha Giris who make a huge fortunes in USA as salaries but still yearns for dowry from their wives. What a shame.

  8. SriPriya Says:

    I suggest you got to do that. There is no shame at all especially for the above mentioned here. I am with you as I have all proof with me.


  9. Iturkarp


    Awaiting your write up that you promised!! Also do send the detials to my email id, if the need arises we can change the names but still use the data and facts as is.
    Demanding dowry is a serious crime and if you have something to share, do so …soon

  10. Iturkarp Says:

    Dear Friends: I thought I was doing some sort of social service by writing in this column sharing my life experience (as I am older than most of you). But then I realized I have been hurting some of your feelings inadvertently. So I like to leave the room.
    But for Sri Priya, I promise to try my best to expose this story as my parting gift to you all. Hope that would be a good deal at least to some of you!

  11. Iturkarp

    You have not been hurting anyone. Where? which sections?

    There is no time to maintain grudges. Togetherwebond and we are all there together!!

  12. SriPriya Says:

    Hey Iturkarp,

    We need you and please dont leave our room. You have not hurt us. Did you mention you are elder, I believe you bcuz you got to be more mature and we need all your lessons and best experiences to fight this horrible disease. You are a precious gift to all. We are with you and Our best wises are always with you.


  13. vanessa robinson Says:

    Hi ladies and gents

    This is not your usual posting but I need your feedback.

    I am a police sergeant from Leicester in England UK. I have the strategic lead for domestic violence. The city where I work is very culturally diverse and there are many black minority ethnic communities. Recently I have noticed more cases of NRI marriages with brides being abandoned immediately or living with the groom only to find herself abused as the groom asks for more dowry in exchange for her safety. I know this has probably gone on for some time now and reaching out to the victims is a hard task for all the reasons from mistrust of the police, lack of understanding but worse still because of the isolation these women are kept in. I am only just coming to terms with the magnitude of the problem, especially the NRI cheat marriages where the groom disappears with the dowry, this is so cruel! I am giving a talk about NRI marriages on the 20th November in Leicester during the National Domestic Violence Week. The day looks at numerous BME issues with an emphasis on so called honour crime. Even my local paper has shown an interest.
    What messages do you want me to send to the audience? I am trying to scope a police response to these various issues and would welcome any (sensible!!) responses.
    Hopefully if I find some help here I am happy to discuss some of my other work around HBV.
    I am a white British female with children of my own, but I care passionately about women who find themselves in such dire conditions irrespective of their ethnic background.

    The message is, that society is gradually waking up to these cruel practices and if I can make just a small difference, it will be a start.

    Feel free to leave a response, before Thursday if possible!!



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  15. SriPriya Says:

    Hi Vanessa Robinson,
    Your small difference is going to bring great awakening in the Public. Awareness is required. It is very important for everyone to know and remember their simple human rights. I wish you and all your family lots of best wishes and will always remember you in all our thots and prayers. Women are very special and they need the same attention as Men. God bless your great passion for caring Women and Children and bless your work.
    Take care.


  16. Dinesh Says:

    I hope the word spreads about this new law in all major Indian web sites (that most Indian Americans visit) reading this new law will increase awareness in women who are mentally, physically abused in the confines of their homes (free from all family memebers) – so that these women will know that their is a law to protect them instead of going through a living hell daily. And it definitely increases awareness in the ‘men’ abusing their wife’s for whatever reason, that if the abused revolt they will have to face the music.

    On a personal note, i know of 2/3 cases in my friends and distant family relations where the husbands have become maniacs, litereally! After knowing the totures that these so-called men comitted I shudder daily. The sad thing is these men are highyl educated, socially and to other friends and family members they are very ‘Good’ people, but in the confines of their homes and bedrooms these men become Rakshasas. Reasons to abuse are not just dowry related, it can start with thigns like – You are no longer beautiful (you are fat etc), I hate your parents, I was given very less dowry than x y z, dont talk to your family members etc..) list goes on and on.

    I sincerely wish and pray that all women who are subjected to this sort of treatment should not suffer in silence. I am also not asking them to run to the police for small things, but watch out, be on your gaurd, a disrespecting husband is NEVER to be trusted – I am not speaking this out of ignorance. I enquired a lot into the cases I know. Please never let these men to dsirespect you. And dont forget the new LAWS. They are on your side.

    THanks all for your time, please dont read this as a lecture from me, I think everyone can relate to these problems nowadays. Let us all work together to spread this awareness.

    Jai Hind.

  17. Tannu Says:

    Thanks Dinesh. You said it right..lets all work together!!

  18. Mr Divya Says:

    (please stop promoting you gay sites here like sifians. This is not the place for it)

  19. MR Ash Says:

    Why do all the gay fucks crowd to this site ? Rakesh, can’t you keep yourself busy with the YMCA song instead of crowding our web site? You are a SIFian
    Dont try to fool us

  20. Situ Says:

    Stay bitter all of you…that is your punishment…that is how the remainder of your life will be defined…and by the time your life will settle in a rhythm hopefully your daughter-in-law or your sister’s/brother’s daughter-in-law will send you to jail…

  21. Kiran Says:

    Stay in the past you SUCKER-SITU.Get a life. Our upbringing is diffrent from yours. We come from a well to do family, a family of repute, not like you morons.

  22. Shivani Says:

    Men like Situ are sick! Only because of morons like them we have some women who harass their daughters-in-law. Good that govt is making stricter laws. Serves men right.

  23. Situ Says:

    Sad part is the laws that are coming up are affecting more women than men…yup keep going to court…lives of kiran and shivani will now revolve in being man haters and attempting to build ‘genuine’ relationships with “troubled sisters” over the internet…i think most men would prefer sarkari jail over imprisonment with women like kiran & shivani…at least the former will end after a certain period…

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