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Incredible News—Domestic Violence Crucified October 25, 2006

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Ladies there is some incredible great news to share. It has finally been passed.

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 has come into effect. Ministry of Women and Child Development has issued a notification to bring it into force from as early as 26th October, 06.

This Act was passed last year and was assented to by our very Honorable President on 13th September, 2005.

This is the Golden Day for Womenhood and Humanity and it will be marked in history

Please read the following. It says it all.

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 will come into effect from tomorrow. Ministry of Women and Child Development has issued a notification to bring it into force from 26th October, 06. The Act was passed by the Parliament in August last year and assented to by the president on 13th September, 2005. But implementation was pending as detailed consultation were required with the State and other agencies for framing the rules.

Primarily meant to provide protection to the wife or female live-in partner from violence at the hands of the husband or male live-in partner or his relatives, the law also extends its protection to women who are sisters, widows or mothers. Domestic violence under the act includes actual abuse or the threat of abuse whether physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or economic.

Harassment by way of unlawful dowry demands to the woman or her relatives would also be covered under this definition.

The Ministry has simultaneously issued another notification laying down the rules framed for the implementation of the Act. These rules provide for, among other things, appointment of protection officers, service providers and counselors. Action to be taken in the event of the respondent breaching the protection order passed by the Magistrate in favour of the aggrieved woman is also prescribed in these rules. Both the notifications will become available on the Ministry’s website from 26th October.

Smt. Renuka Chowdhury, Minister of State for Women and Child Development has said that the Bill will go a long way to provide relief to the women from domestic violence and get their due. The Ministry has requested all State Governments and Union Territories to ensure that the necessary administrative arrangements are immediately put in place for the commencement of the Act, she added.

The salient features of the Protection from Domestic Violence Bill, 2005 are as follows:

• The Bill seeks to cover those women who are or have been in a relationship with the abuser where both parties have lived together in a shared household and are related by consanguinity, marriage or a relationship in the nature of marriage, or adoption; in addition relationship with family members living together as a joint family are also included. Even those women who are sisters, widows, mothers, single women, or living with the abuser are entitled to get legal protection under the proposed Bill.
• `Domestic violence’ includes actual abuse or the threat of abuse that is physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and economic. Harassment by way of unlawful dowry demands to the woman or her relatives would also be covered under this definition.
• One of the most important features of the Bill is the woman’s right to secure housing. The Bill provides for the woman’s right to reside in the matrimonial or shared household, whether or not she has any title or rights in the household. This right is secured by a residence order, which is passed by a court. These residence orders cannot be passed against anyone who is a woman.
• The other relief envisaged under the Bill is that of the power of the court to pass protection orders that prevent the abuser from aiding or committing an act of domestic violence or any other specified act, entering a workplace or any other place frequented by the abused, attempting to communicate with the abused, isolating any assets used by both the parties and causing violence to the abused, her relatives and others who provide her assistance from the domestic violence.
• The draft Bill provides for appointment of Protection Officers and NGOs to provide assistance to the woman w.r.t medical examination, legal aid, safe shelter, etc.
• The Bill provides for breach of protection order or interim protection order by the respondent as a cognizable and non-bailable offence punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine which may extend to twenty thousand rupees or with both.

Similarly, non-compliance or discharge of duties by the Protection Officer is also sought to be made an offence under the Act with similar punishment.


This will provide immense relief to all those women who endure physical abuse. Legally also it will give them their due and rights. To some extent it will put an end to the atrocities the woman/wife/live-in partner suffers at the hands of a violent man. It will safeguard and benefit marriages and relationships from violent domestic abuse.

A man will think not once or twice but a Million times before raising his hand on any woman. Not only him but also the instigators mostly his relatives, will also be in trouble for any violent abuse physically or even verbally hurled on the woman. Thus, it will safeguard, benefit and restore the tranqulity of marriages and relationships from any violent domestic abuse.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all the people who have worked selflessly day and night to make this possible. It is solely their efforts that this milestone has been achieved. Also to the President and our government who were instrumental in passing this and bringing it into effect.

The Dynamic Victorious Act is here …..for a Better Tomorrow

Spread the word……to Save the indian familes, Save the indian women, Save the children, Save the mankind for a very Bright Future

By Preeti


22 Responses to “Incredible News—Domestic Violence Crucified”

  1. Vishalakshi Says:

    Thanks for sharing the great news…. Please keep posting whenever you come across news items like this.

  2. PurpleA Says:

    What is with all the flooding of good news from all directions? First the extradition of NRI husbands and now this MAJOR MAJOR breakthrough.

    I mean I had no idea that this was happening or a bill was passed last year or it was expected to go into effect this year.

    Looks like my bitter half could be in some serious trouble!!

    I am so pleasantly shocked by this news that it is absolutely unbelievable. It is soooo good to be true. I am stunned that the government has recognized the plight of women in live-in relationships and made them also a part of the act. I guess there must have been umpteen cases of them getting a violent treatment even in those relationships. What a jump our government has taken.

    Way to gooooo !!!

  3. Kiran Says:


    When did this happen?

    Looks like Diwali is bringing in good news after good news.


  4. Preeti Says:

    More is coming our way!!

    Our prayers will be answered.

    No more abuse on us will be taken. The govt and President is with us.

  5. A woman on field Says:

    How dare a man escape after laying a finger on another human being!!

  6. Vidhya M S Says:

    Nicely said

    Dynamic Victorious Act is here …..for a Better Tomorrow

    Time and again the men were warned about their abuse . But they ceased to listen. Now it is the hard way.

    What is next now….I wonder.

  7. […] To Each Its Own on the Domestic Violence Act in India. “The highlighting point of this Act is that it not only provides protection to women who are legally married but also those who are in live-in relationship, women who are sisters, widows or mother. The new law also addresses sexual abuse of children, or forcing girls to marry against their wishes as well. This certainly proves that the new Act has been formed keeping the current relationship culture in India and the irregularities in previous Domestic Violence Laws, in mind.” Together We Bond has more. […]

  8. Neha Says:

    Some ignorant soul thinks I am an anamika person and is totally confused.

    This is the effect of DV act on men, they are loosing their sense.  

  9. Sumanth Says:

    Congratulations and good luck.

    Please work for the next law as well. The more the number of innocent mothers, sisters abused by this law (and 498a), the more will be our strength.

    We are very happy about this law and the negative publicity it has generated.

    This law is nothing compared to Section 498a.

    Men are carrying voice/video recorders and creating evidence of abuse by unscrupulous women. Every order of DV Law can be challenged in HIGH Court and Supreme Court.

    If the Man has evidences, then the women will pay a good price for overconfidence.

  10. Ash Says:

    negative publicity…oh yes…amongst criminals.
    You got that one right. 😛

  11. Kunjal Says:

    The culprits and violent people are surely crucified. Their objections, their crying, they are now talking about changing are fun to read. Because now they are cornered and have no where to sun. Suddently they want to sound like they have never done anything. A man will think a million times before indulging his favourite hobby ie his defective birth right ie to abuse.
    Good for them.
    Well looks like they needed a LAW to teach them the basic humane manners.

  12. Vinayak Says:

    All men are criminals by nature …
    all women are by their natural constitution incapable of any wrongdoing whatsoever, unless considered as mothers, sisters, sister in laws, etc. of men
    more at
    (sorry no porny links, we recive many such of a certain 2 babes–enough of those)

  13. Vinayak Says:

    Its interesting to note that Live ins will get protection
    some empowerment …..

  14. A survivor Says:


    So you are back after running away like a coward. You still have to answer some queries that we threw at your in the “awareness of NRI fradulent marraiges” thread.

    If you have no answers like an idiot , then go run someplace before we throw you in prison again. Remember those wonderful days in court.

    Reminder: Who asked you to marry an Indian women, did someone put you in a leash??

  15. Kiran Says:

    Vinayak—you are dummest guy around.

    Live-in…(it does not mean that the wife should be on the streets)

    Live-ins means that boy and girl living together who are not married.

    Any way you are the biggest idiot. Heard alot of your stories.

  16. Mouli Says:

    Vinayak is not the ONLY problem, there are tons of people like him. Just visit some web sites like MOIA India and 498a web sites. Every Sane person will be disgusted at the hate messages posted on these web sites. The posts are by ex-abusers, who now facing the law are venting there angers, hatreds through these sites and Vinayak is defintely a bi-product of such mentally-deranged people. To all these guys who abused their wifes and who now verbally abuse them on web sites – Why dont you start with women in your families – Your mothers, sisters etc.

  17. Woman Says:


    Nice idea. But they will not. You know why? Coz they hide behind the camouflage of their old mothers(witches) and pregnant sisters (prostitues).

    And this Vinayak is one of them who is number one in extra-marital affairs.

  18. ashish Says:

    Its a good news that a law is finally passed to give some relief to women who suffer from domestic violence. However, it is yet to be seen how this law is enacted and put into action to provide significant protection to women

  19. devan Says:

    hello sir,
    i want to know that if a domestic voilence happened in march 2006 then one can file application before court today or not.

  20. devan Says:

    can one can file an application before court today if domestic voilence happened in march 2006?

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