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Musings… October 26, 2006

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Ironical but there it is….my court date is on the same date as my ex-‘s birthday. We never celebrated birthdays or anything together as he said it triggered negativity within him. Too long a story to go into, in any case all that is in the past.

What struck me was over the last three years of separation all these dates would get me depressed. I would retreat into a shell and analyze everything that occurred, beat myself over things I think could have been done to save that marriage, feel guilty for all that I did in the past. Not anymore. I still think but not to feel guilty or depressed.

I think about the good times, the bad times and move on.

They are just dates after all and dates don’t rule my life.

The people who love me, who have stood by me through thick and thin, people who have told me “it’s ok this is life and tomorrow will be better. Just get up and walk we are there to help you stand in case you fall,” these are the people who rule my life.

Not people, psychotic perhaps for whom no sacrifice was too great, no love was enough, people who always wanted more, who wanted to take away “me” as a person and replace it with a living senseless obedient robot.

I am at peace today.

True, my divorce looks like a long way off.

True, I still find people giving me strange looks when I say I am separated and awaiting a divorce like it is all my fault.

True, I feel like a criminal for something I did not commit every time I step into a court.

True, my friends are all happily married and some with kids of their own.

But it is true too that today I am a woman with self-respect, peace and living life again with positivism and love.

Just believe in LIFE.

Just live LIFE

Remember life is too short for the ifs and buts. Listen to your heart and head too and believe in yourself. 🙂

God Bless.

By Jamais Moi Meme


5 Responses to “Musings…”

  1. PurpleA Says:

    Expectations to be a robot huh?? The gravest mistake one can ever make. The perfect recipe to break a marriage. Why? Have we not all learnt that don’t change your partner but change yourself? But still the mistake is made and consequences follow…for both to endure unfortunately.

    But you are one damn courageous lady. Let me tell your words have always inspired me and continue to do.

    Nothing is more important than our own peace of mind and self-respect.
    Dates will come and go…and more new dates will be created. Better dates and best dates that will bring a smile on your face. I hope so soon.

  2. Kiran Says:

    Oh well we all think of dates the first year of separation. The time spent together, the hours the minutes, what we did last year, that place this place etc. Even restaurants and food bring in memories.

    But then we move on…one day at a time.

    I am only to HAPPY to be alive and kicking.

  3. Neha Says:

    Time and tide wait for no one yaar. The show must go on….either we choose to be passive or damn right active.

  4. Prakruti Says:

    I wish you peace and happiness and most of all the courage to go on..

  5. Vidhya M.S Says:

    The month I divorced was the same month I got married in a few years back. I never thought that once upon a time my luckiest month that I was married in, down the years would be also be the same month in which I get divorced.

    Life has something in store for everyone….and never fails to surprise!!

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