Together We Bond

You are not alone We are there and therefore Together we Bond

Philanthropist October 30, 2006

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Philanthropist… this is the word that comes to my mind when I think about as a child what I wanted to become when I grow up. It was not my plan to become just a philanthropist (wanted to do much more), though I admired philanthropists like Dale Carnegie after reading books written by them. Rather, I imagined a Utopia in which everyone who lives here is a philanthropist and altruist. At least, after reading Dale Carnegie, one should practice what is written there wholeheartedly and not just use the techniques for becoming a salesperson or whatever…

When I was young, I came across the following saying… “If you make at least yourself sincere, you have changed at least one person in the world”. After reading this, I conjured up a formula for making this world a Utopia. Just think and behave as if you are interacting with a perfect world and be perfect yourself. That’s where I went wrong. Being blind to imperfections of this world does not create the Utopia we all deserve in which the society owes you a husband and once you choose/get your husband, you take care of your husband and family and have your sweet home.

For some of us, the story is different. Even God did not create a perfect world. There are flaws even in His creation. We want beautiful gardens, which in we can water the beautiful plants and be a part of. But some of us get dangerous forests full of harmful snakes. This writes a different page in our lives’ stories… and there the difference starts… we cannot help it… but we can definitely fight it and not make it the last page in our lives’ stories. We can definitely unite and get rid of the feeling that we are alone. This is just a move in life’s game played by some imperfection in God’s creation. But we have our chance to play too. We will make our moves too. And when we are together, helping and encouraging one another, our strength multiplies. God is with us and we know that. He is always on the side of the right, that is our strength in this game and our aim is to get the final victory.

For me, each ‘hi’ in our group messages says “I am there for you…… I know how you feel….. I am your best friend….. let’s try to do it together”. We can move mountains when we unite and make a combined effort. LET US CHANGE LIVES.

I am not saying this is any less difficult a task than moving mountains. Let us all become more active in the group and also reach all those who need us and let us proudly say “Together We Bond”.

By Vishalakshi


6 Responses to “Philanthropist”

  1. Neha Says:

    That is a good one …that God has some other plans for us.
    Absolutely well written 🙂

  2. sirisha rallapati Says:

    hats off to u for ur ideas and cooperation

  3. PurpleA Says:

    We are the ‘other ones’

    And we will make the next page of our life the best ones and more to come, much more. Each and every chapter will be more exciting than the previous one.

    I think my best is still to come !!

  4. Vishalakshi Says:

    You are right in saying God has other plans for us. But we have no reason to think that all married people are alike and we are all “different”. Whether married or divorced, we are all unique. Even God cannot create another you or another me. Even identical twins dont have identical lives. Not just you and me, even God does not get a second chance to create another purpleA if you dont value yourself and make most of the wonderful gift God has given you – YOURSELF!


  5. “We can move mountains when we unite”, this is the best quote in your post Philanthropist. Only civilized people can do wonders and miracles on this earthly planet. Civilization and advanced civilization are more important and it is need of the hour for our societies maintaining quality and decency in all of our lives. This will be achieved through people like you and surely not by God. We can have belief in God, but surely God cann’t change our unruly behaviour. And it is not his job to look at every aspect of human life. Civilization has come through our education,know-how and wisdom, God has not played any role in this. As you said rightly, I repeat “We can move mountains when we unite”, we should all believe in this, to strive hard to achieve good changes in our societies. And I believe, you people born to do some thing great. Regards.

  6. PPS Hariprasad Says:

    ‘Philonthropist’ – when you help someone, do not expect the other person to be grateful and even reciprocate. If you wish to help, please do. If someone is grateful or reciprocates, be surprised.

    Even in marital relations, ‘hi’ means the same or at least should mean and should be understood in the same way – by man and woman. Dont expect the other person to change for you. Shape and reshape your attitudes to be able to influence the behavioural responses of the other person – be it man or woman.
    Trouble starts when you start thinking that ‘I am right’ and ‘why he or she should behave in a way inconsistent with my way of thinking’. Let us open our mindsets and help others to open their mindsets.

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