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Lunch with my twin November 12, 2006

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I work at the headquarters and my work demands that I coordinate with many of my colleagues at different branches over the phone. During one such interaction I came across an Indian woman. With regular work related interactions over the months, we one fine day decided to meet and put a face to the voice.

So we planned our meeting this Saturday afternoon at the Melting Pot’s parking lot. It was wonderful to meet her and we exchanged our moouahs, giggled, said our nice to see yous and walked into the restaurant. We placed our orders and got chatting (this time non-work related). I told her about myself, which part of India I am from, how I landed in USA etc. I never go out of my way to tell anyone that I am separated or any of the crap that has to remind me of my biggest mistake in life –my ex—my once upon time chosen sweetheart. Because I think it is my personal life and I choose not to make an issue of it. Plus in the USA, it is done deal that no one even questions about this as it is considered intruding. Also, very important, I never ask that pivotal question either lest the opposite person questions me back “hey what about you”

She told me about her life in India and where she comes from, how long she has been her and so on and so forth.

And now…it has been only 15 minutes since we met, placed our orders….

Here it comes…. she said, believe me she said it ( I never asked ) that she was a divorcee. (in my mind I was like ohhhhh noooooo, not you too). I just did not wish to spend my Saturday lunch hour discussing this divorce kinda thing.

The thoughts in my mind were zooming, should I tell her too or no or just move on with the regular lunch conversation………!!!!

yes no yes no yes no yes…..yes no yes no…..

So I told her (am sure I had an expression on my face of that when someone is about to throw-up) that ‘I am separated too’. I said it too and it was done with.

At that point her expression was worth a million bucks 🙂

This made me laugh, laugh so hard that am sure we received glances from the guests on other tables.

Nonetheless we landed up narrating our stories, put across in a humorous way, and rolling our eyes on the emblematic men’s common attitude and on mention of a similar experience we were like me too and same here, oh my god you too…..etc.

I never imagined that my meeting with her would turn out this way, fun filled , and making digs on our past wittingly and most important chuckling about it.

Lunch arrived that was scrumptious more so over we were having a ball of a time now. And we decided to go in for a second round of cranberry margaritas, to toast our Freedom.


By Ash


5 Responses to “Lunch with my twin”

  1. Kiran Says:

    Now that is a ….ummmm…..coincidence. Na ..maybe not.
    Whatever it was. CHEERS from me tooo and Joy to everyone.

  2. Prakruti Says:

    For me the moral of the story is ash.. a good laugh puts things in perspective!!

  3. Vidhya Says:

    Yooohoooo…looks like you had some fun babe!! Can’t wait to meet you at the end of this month. And we will narrate our drama stories.

  4. Ash Says:

    Oh…it was so funny.
    Kiram Prakriti Vidhya…cheers to you too. Spread the joy!

  5. PurpleA Says:

    Vow….that was a cool meeting and coincidence!

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