Together We Bond

You are not alone We are there and therefore Together we Bond

Showers of Joy November 23, 2006

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Infused with joy,
I call upon the cloud above
That floats around
Holding all my dreams inside it.
I stretch out my hand
Asking it to shower all that it can,
My hopes, my dreams,
Fused with blesings from the above,
Making them raindrops.
Letting me touch each drop with joy
Multiplying each moment
And inviting the whole universe
To see me celebrate my life.
Here comes the rain….
Rushing a million raindrops to my heart,
And each one becomes a diamond
That radiates life all around.

By Vishalakshi


3 Responses to “Showers of Joy”

  1. SriPriya Says:

    Hi Vishalakshi,
    Your poem is very beautiful and truly joyful. Keep it up.
    Hope you are feeling good. Take care.


  2. PurpleA Says:

    Lovely !!

  3. vibhuti Says:

    ( I pity you , even the moderator is pissed off with you. But we forgive you. It seems to us that you are a case of depressed person who is surviving on medication. What else can be worst than this ie to lead a lonely life abandoned by own family. )

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