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Justice for Jessica Lall December 22, 2006

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This was one case that was so crystal clear when it hit the news years back and for once I felt that ya….a politician’s son will be behind bars. Rich politician’s son involved in a murder, in a big city, in a crowded elite social club where everyone knew each other, and numerous eyewitnesses were there to testify. A politician’s son with powerful backing, loads of money and what’s the judgment 7 years later?? He and his hands in glove pals were acquitted earlier this February because of lack of evidence. But weren’t there numerous eyewitnesses?? There were, but they all turned hostile and that’s the most devastating part of the proceedings.

Did money buy their silence thus making them hostile, or was it the fear of the rich and powerful that were out on bail?
While the rich and famous are out on bail immediately and then work on to eliminate any evidence against them so that they get off scot-free with no harm done

A women gets killed by a maniac man only because she refuses to serve him a drink???

But perhaps the intriguing aspect of this was the role of the society and media that came together as one and raised strong objection, objection to the injustice and disagreed with the judgment. The general public uproar, anger and mass outrage, candlelit vigils were enough that the Delhi High Court sought an explanation from the Delhi Police.

And now here is some bit of good news:

“NEW DELHI: Two days after he was convicted for murdering model Jessica Lall, Manu Sharma, son of a senior Congress leader, was on Wednesday given life sentence by the Delhi High Court.

Sharma, who surrendered after his conviction on Monday, was present in the jam-packed courtroom when a Bench comprising Justice R S Sodhi and Justice P K Bhasin pronounced life imprisonment for him.

Her sister Sabrina’s reaction to this verdict who has struggled for seven long years:

“My father died waiting to hear this verdict,” said Jessica’s sister Sabrina Lall. “His soul will now be able to rest in peace.” Sabrina also thanked the media: “I thank you guys who started the campaign for justice for Jessica.”

‘Justice for Jessica’, as our readers will recall, was a TOI campaign. She also sought life sentence for Manu, not death. The outrage over Jessica also brought the spotlight on two other sensational murders – that of Priyadarshini Mattoo and Nitish Katara.

This woman’s story at least made news because she was a famous socialite and model Jessica Lal. What about those ordinary people who are victims of that domestic violence and abuse at its worst?

But this piece of good news has restored some faith in the Indian Judicial system. That is no one with power, fame, money or politicians’ son can get away scot free or escape the law.

The Indian people are watching and will not take any nonsense now.

By PurpleA


6 Responses to “Justice for Jessica Lall”

  1. Woman Says:

    This has been damn good news. Within 10 months from the trial court’s bogus judgement to this, it has been quick. What with the Indian public expressing their outrage and anger!!

  2. Kiran Says:

    The guy needs to get to jail and stay there for the rest of his life. Perfect!

  3. MD Says:

    Which as expected none of the dowry seeking men would know what hit them these last few years coz for a simple reason they are egoistic greedy fools who can think only “apna sapna money money”

    Most of the men are not united who support dowry and other organised crimes, coz are sex starved creatures and fight amongst yourselves for leadership coz you all love to dominate and treat everyone like slaves. This very core nature of yours is your greatest weak point and for generations will never let you stay in a harmonious family unit unless you change, ie live and let live.

    Women all over India are spread up in various groups, groups that are made consciously and some sub consciously , schools, convent schools are the strongest hubs, colleges, offices, in trains, buses, universities, neighborhoods, blogs, in any industry and all of them in their own way support NCW. And men are the exact opposite. They can never be part of a group for long. (now we are not talking of political parties) And if that group- is -against- women and her rights, then it will never last or succeed in any ventures because the basic trait of men in groups- against- women is that he craves for women and leaves no opportunity to befriend another women and dump his own group. When such men leave this group and cross over to us, it brings down the entire group ie groups- against- women like a pack of cards in a fraction of a second!!

    That’s where women use the theory of Decapitation. It comes naturally to them with no efforts. It is inborn, their second nature. It is a technique to fight organised crimes (sati, dowry, physical and verbal abuse, rape), where the decapitators who want to move on a certain group, will silently listen, observe for months, distract them with by carrot and stick approach, identify all the main players, their strengths, weaknesses, then move in and take them all at the same moment.

    Even happily married women can use this technique, it can be of great help without harming her family unit peace.
    Men also use this techniques’ who are brothers and fathers only with the guidance of experienced women. In that role(brother and father of a victim) only they can achieve success, otherwise not possible.

    Result: DV Act ( who would have imagined that Renuka Chaudhary was going to make history)

    Also now since with the blogging , everyone is more and more aware of the real statistics.

    The appointment of Konakuppakattil Gopinathan Balakrishnan as head of the Supreme Court would be significant at any time in fighting organised crimes like Sati, Dowry, abuse and rape. His appointment will bring some great changes and justice. It is very obvious how and why?

    Ahhhhh, don’t get distracted!! But still watch out!

  4. Tannu Says:

    Crimes like rape and dowry and the people who support them need to face music now. They hate the freedom of women but their weakpoint is women, this confusion leads them to disaster and no where.
    Only men who live in harmony with nature, in other words know how to coexist with gender female, respect her and take her as a life partner with love, thus lead the ideal life.
    The rest only wander with no success and endless frustrations!

  5. Sangeeta78 Says:

    We will not get justice like this, we have to start choop off the balls of all men.

  6. Richa Kapoor Says:

    Delhi High Court hurriedly jailed Manu Sharma: Just for Media glare ?
    Justice for Jessica lall was not only struggle of media or Sabrina lall as it is now projected. It was the people of India means us who has try to give our voices against “justice delayed, justice denied’ in this case.
    When this case had reached Delhi high court in April 2006 the ray of hopes raised in our eyes that Indian judiciary will use this opportunities to make a system for ordinary Indian who are facing “justice delayed, justice denied’ in every sphere of their lives.
    But all to Indian high judiciary, it has played in hands of Indian media glare and tried to decide case so hurriedly even ignoring basics of natural justice and lost that chance to evolve a system which would not only take care that “Justice delayed, justice denied” but will also keep “Justice hurried, Justice buried” in its mind.
    When now even Saddam’s judicial trial is in question on natural justice grounds in a country with no human rights track records. Than In our nation which we consider as progressive democracy, this type of justice delivery is above common minds.
    Now ordinary Indian feels cheated by media and Sabrina lall because he/she was told by these (Indian media and Sabrina) that fight for Jessica was for ordinary Indian.
    All those who lit candles in India gate was ignored when Sabrina lall and Indian media celebrated their victory with opening of champagne bottles and making V sign.
    Now all of us who fought for Jessica lall have high hope on Indian Supreme court to take it as opportunity and do some thing for common people of India which was lost by Delhi high Court under media Glare.

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