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Aid by Indian Govt for NRI wives January 5, 2007

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The Indian government is finally comprehending the pathetic plight of NRI wives who have been conned by their conniving husbands in foreign land. The government is taking concrete measures to curb this and bring some justice and legal aid to these women who have been displaced and abused as one of the immediate welfare measures.

The best part is that the assistance will be provided to NRI women as well as foreign citizens of Indian origin. Hence the women of have taken to US citizenship will also benefit with this aid. Which I think is absolutely awesome.

Govt to help women left in lurch abroad

NEW DELHI 30th Dec 2006: In its bid to assist Indian women who have either been deserted or divorced by their husbands overseas within a year of marriage, the government has finalised a scheme to provide them free legal and counselling services.

The ministry of overseas Indian affairs (MOIA) proposes to introduce this scheme in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Gulf. The assistance will be provided to NRI women as well as foreign citizens of Indian origin.

The ministry will involve credible women’s organisations and NGOs working in these countries and give them financial assistance to the tune of $1,000 for every woman they assist. The organisations will be expected to provide documentation and initial work for legal proceedings and counselling for the deserted woman.

“The objective of the scheme is to provide free advisory and legal services to women of Indian origin in distress as a welfare measure. Legal services would be provided by a panel of community advocates through credible Indian associations and women’s organisations,” an official said.

The scheme, firmed up at a high-level meeting in the ministry, will cover women deserted in India or overseas within one year of their marriage or divorce proceedings initiated by the husband within one year of marriage. Legal aid will also be provided if there is an ex-parte decree of divorce or annulment of the marriage is obtained by the husband and a case of maintenance or alimony is required to be filed.

Ministry officials said the proposal would be circulated among Indian community associations by the missions concerned for information and publicity and sent to women’s groups and NGOs inviting them to apply for impanelment under the scheme. The applications received from women seeking assistance will be examined by a committee in the ministry. Based on the scrutiny and approval of the ministry, the cases will be recommended to the missions for giving assistance to women in distress.

The government’s decision to put in place the assistance mechanism comes in the wake of increasing number of complaints of Indian women who opt for NRI marriages but are abandoned or ill-treated by their husbands.

This is a wonderful initiative taken by our government who has realized that all is not hunky dory in the foreign land. All that glitters is definitely not gold. I am sure several abused women will benefit from this assistance.

By Purple A


16 Responses to “Aid by Indian Govt for NRI wives”

  1. Neha Says:

    I agree too, the intiative is taken just when it was needed the most. Hopefully abused women will find some solace.

  2. Purple A Says:

    Glad the government is taking this up seriously.

  3. Vanita Says:

    Smita Creado (27) has accused her NRI husband Mark Creado (35) and his family of physically and mentally torturing her.

    In a complaint lodged at Juhu police station, Smita charged Mark, a merchant navy officer, of having extramarital affairs during his postings abroad and her in-laws of making incessant demands for money, property and gold ornaments.

    Mark’s parents Levina (58) and Alias (62) were arrested by the Juhu police on Thursday, while he and his sister Marie are absconding.

    According to Smita, Mark left for Dubai soon after their marriage in December 2004, and her sister-in-law, Marie, who was married on the same day as Smita, returned to the family’s 1BHK apartment in Juhu.

    “My in-laws frequently abused me verbally,” said Smita and added that when she complained to Mark, he accused her of being too demanding. Smita’s uncle Leo Galbow (60) said, “Smita was ill-treated even when she was pregnant. They made her sleep on the floor.

    Finally, they left her at her parent’s home in MIDC early in 2006, a few months before her son was born and haven’t contacted her since then.”

    “I did try to make peace with the family but all my efforts failed miserably. So, I had to take this drastic step,” said Smita, who is staying with relatives along with her son. Mark’s family members could be contacted.

  4. Manasi Says:

    I m very happy to read the article that some severe action needs to be taken against such NRI.Would the article help me my case?Are there any laws that have be implemented in such a situation?I would like to brief my situation and as per that can you suggest me how to go about this difficult situation?
    I got married on 24th Dec 2004 to an NRI residing in US and who is currently on H1B visa.After getting married to him,i joined him US and we were together in US till June 2006.In June 06 he send me to India saying that he will be coming to India by Dec 2006 and take me,as per his words he never turned up.So i decided to go and meet him in US,i did so.But then after coming to US i came to know that he has filed for Divorce Complaint here in US (State is PA), im not ready to take the Divorce.Is this Divorce Decree valid in India.Can he get remarried in US after getting a divorce in US?Plz help me coming out of this situation?I need some legal advice.

  5. Manasi Says:

    I think the law needs to be implemented as soon as possible that would help us getting good justice and would teach a lesson the NRI husband

  6. Kiran Says:

    Manasi, please join the yahoo group to recieve some sound advise. Everything will work in your favour.
    Regarding your NRO husband, he already is having sleepless nights and that should itself make you content. NRI’s are running for cover and so also the Indian men are running miles away from Renuka Chowdhury.

  7. Pooja Says:

    Hi Madam,

    My Name is pooja, My Husband applied for Divorce and
    ran away from Home. His parents came from India and
    his sister who is living in Denvar visister. We all were
    staying togather. In-laws were very rude with me.
    I just shut my mouth and was doing my work , but
    they did not like even that. They all decided and filled
    Divorce against me and left to Austin. Sister in law
    left to Denvar. Please Advise what I need to do

  8. Pooja Says:

    Please also advise what yahoo group do I need to join.
    To seek the advise

  9. Togetherwebond Says:


    Read the “about” section . All detials are in there.

  10. Soumya Says:

    Hi Pooja,
    This is NOT rare. Husband is a “good” guy and suddenly becomes a voiceless and in many times totally supporting the brute and uncivilized ways of his parents. To be honest it is not fair to place all the blame on the parents itself, if your husband has no such intenetions of toruring his wife why will his parents take part in this harrasements and wrecking other’s lifes?

    So the first blame should always on the husband – my thought only.

    Coming to what you can do, US justice system is good in some instances (for matrimonial cases) like arresting the husband if there is any sign of physical abuse. But if these poeple already drove you out of the house – their only aim now will be to get divorce somehow and to avoid paying you any support – thats where social services comes in. Just go to your local Social services and apply for Support (If you have kids place them on support too) the social services will then follow up with the state your husband lives and then track him and will make him pay.

    Dont just think that “I dont want his money” and so on, that is what they want, you are fully entitled to get support from him.

    Sister, if you are just and brave you will fight. Dont give up.

  11. Bharat Kumar Says:

    Yes,you can ofcourse get divorce in theUS and can get remarried. The only condition is you should be staying in the same county for atleast 180 days. Unlike a ‘mud slinging’ divorce in India the US has a much civilised process called ‘no-fault’ divorce. That means if you do not wish to stay married, you will not be ‘forced’ to stay married. As for the womans organizations in India, it is all a political game. I wish they were really concerned about the real problems instead of these attention seeking gimicks. And yes, they can do nothing if you have a legal decree from the US and you live in the US. The medieval Indian divorce laws do not apply in the US. So goodluck!
    ps: btw, how about bringing a law against those manipulative and conniving wives who get married to the NRIs for money and then blackmail them for alimony posing as a poor ‘victim’ in the court of law..?

  12. Pushpa Says:

    How come your name is Bharat, you shud hate your name as Bharat cuz you talk so bad about Indian laws. Remember marriage is not game in India Mr.(Bharat)


  13. Bharat Kumar Says:

    Now I know why the countries like US and UK have issued warning to their citizens visiting India against the 498A scams. It is the modern day Soorpanakhas like Smita who are using the legal terrorism and giving bad name not only to the Indian women but to the great country.I never heard anywhere parents being arrested for fights between the couple, that too without any evidence! If that Soorpanakha is proved wrong will any of you morcha woman here make sure to see her and her parents behind bars? How about her own brother and old parents being framed in 498A by her sis in law and then sent to jail? Why dont you hypocrites look into your soul and do some fact finding before staging a morcha in support of just any woman?
    The name is ‘Bharat’, and it is not the same as the modern day ‘India’ which is full of corruption ,cheap politics ,slow justice system and the gender biased laws.
    Anyway, I dont know how I got here in this site. Please do not bother to post your response . Just get back to your typical anti-male anti-dowry ranting and try to make yourself feel proud!

  14. Pushpa Says:

    Thankyou Bharat change your name to India. We are Indians here and we dont disobey our laws like you selfish men do. Talking abt anti498a who you call hypocrite…yourself rt, being such a user and loser of the best women.
    Good bye.

  15. Maggie Says:

    Hi Bharat –the gay

    Can you quote us where the USA has issued warning to your bastards who live by dowry money? If anything there are RED ALERT INTERPOL notices on you morons who are not hiding and crying and shitting bricks.

    Read the following links and shit bigger and HIDE like your fake name and your gay morons who have been dumped by their wives.

    Soon you will be HUNTED DOWN

    NCW is the only organization that has women arrested too irrespective gender. Women like the dirty ugly MILs and SILs who crave for dowry . Understand the law and then talk. Otherwise you people are best hidden like the mouse inside a hole.

    The INTERPOL will get you.

  16. Rajesh Says:

    Hello Dear Maggie,

    (deleted….refrain from abusive language, it is against the law)

    God Bless,

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