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Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas 2007 January 10, 2007

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The Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas 2007, which was held in Delhi from Jan 7th to Jan 9th has brought some additional respite for the Indian wives who have been ill-treated by their NRI husbands, beaten, tortured and abused in foreign lands.

Women are held enslaved by their NRI husbands in his house, cut off from the world outside or even thrown out in the middle of the cold night with no money or financial aid by their NRI husbands in foreign lands. All of these are some sadistic ways to torture his wife.

The reasons are several… either non-fulfillment of dowry demands, or when the woman questions her husband when she discovers that her husband already had a previous wife, or the husband is a divorcee and hid this fact from her, or he married her only for money and dowry, or the wife realizes the bitter truth that she was lied to that she could work abroad legally. All this creates disputes and the consequences are severe that she is tormented easily because she has no family of hers in the foreign land and is totally at the mercy of her husband.

On Oct 20th 2006, Interpol had issued a record 300 red alert notices to trace NRI husband who were wanted by the Indian government for harassing their wives. This created ripples of fear amongst Indian NRI husbands and sent up a shiver up their spines.

And now the Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas 2007 has already kicked off the New Year with a great victorious commencement for Indian women all thanks to the efforts of Renuka Chaudhury and her infinite supporters. Once again the unity of woman has yielded results. Pravasi Bharatiya Divas aims at bringing the expertise and knowledge of the Indian overseas community to India and integrating it into India’s development process.

On Jan 8th the following session was held at the Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas, Delhi:

Working Session 17 – WOMEN
The Gender Development Index of UNDP places India at 98 with an index of 0.586 (2003). In India, the Gender ratio is 97/100. For 0-6 age group it is 927/1000.

In rural India, on an average, per day, a male casual labourer earns Rs 56.53, and a female Rs 36.15. In urban India, males earn Rs 75.51 per day and women Rs 44.28.

Maternal mortality rate per 100000 live births is 407 in 2001, down from 437 in 1991.
These are figures, which put in sharp relief the need to put quality of life of women as a priority in the development agenda of the country.
This session outlines the priority areas of intervention for improving the plight of women in India, with special emphasis on areas, where the Indian Diaspora can play a part.
Moderator : Anu Aga, Director, Thermax Ltd, and Chairperson, CII’s Women’s Empowerment Committee
Chief Guest: Renuka Choudhury, Minister of State of Women and Child Development
Guest of Honour : Girija Vyas, Chairperson, NCW
Panel :
Sushmita Ghosh, President, Emeritus, Ashoka, USA
Prema Cariappa, Member of Parliament
Brinda Karat, Member of Parliament
Rajani Patil, Chairperson, Central Social Welfare Board *
Renuka Chaudhury is in talks with US and UK officials for changing the existing treaties in order to ensure that Indian laws apply to people no matter where they reside. So that if Indian citizens ill-treat their wives or violate the law, they can be recalled to India. This has sent shock waves amongst all the guilty absconding NRI husbands who are wanted in NRI fraudulent marriages scams.

Marry-and-dump NRIs may face Indian law:

NEW DELHI: For NRIs tempted by the ‘holiday wife’ syndrome, this could be a reality check. Indians living abroad who ill-treat or desert their wives may now have to face Indian laws. The government is in parleys with the US and UK to bring about changes in the legal framework to enable speedy prosecution of such grooms in this country.

Speaking at a session on women’s issues at the Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas 2007, minister for women and child development Renuka Chowdhury said, “I am in talks with US and UK officials for changing the existing treaties between us to ensure that Indian laws apply to people no matter where they reside. So that if Indian citizens ill-treat their wives or violate the law, they can be recalled to India.”

The impact could be far-reaching — the Indian diaspora includes over 16 lakh people in the US and about 12 lakh in the UK.

Chowdhury said an increasing number of complaints have been received from states like Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala of girls being abandoned or cheated by their NRI husbands. “They (NRIs) can’t just marry and not accept responsibility for their families,” she added.

The overseas Indian affairs ministry has received complaints from about 30,000 women who have either been deserted after marriage or been cheated by the groom’s families.

CPM politburo member Brinda Karat said the number of deserted women in the Doaba region of Punjab alone was about 15,000. She suggested close networking with women’s organisations and community participation as a solution. A formal network would provide background checks on the grooms and a legal framework will help women outside the shores of India. Karat also recommended that officials in Indian missions abroad should be sensitised to these problems.

The year sure has kicked off with an enormous triumphant start already. Hopefully more red alert notices will be issued against these absconding criminals and their sadistic games will come to end soon. They can run and hide like cowards but they will be hunted down. They have to come to India to face music and trial!

The unity of women now will show the world its results.

By Ash


13 Responses to “Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas 2007”

  1. Neha Says:

    This is too good. This was the best possible platform to spread the awareness on the actual plight. I hope the red alert notices will bring back these criminals to India to face the trial.

  2. Tannu Says:

    Great job, lejaege lejaege NCW baazi lejaege….
    rahjaege rahjaege dowrywale dekete rehjaege…..

    Great news and great work. Comon you women we can really make a difference.


  3. Kunjal Says:

    After reading this bit of good news that has been splashed in all leading news papers, my husband rather beloved husband has called me 3 times already to find out what I am up to. Such is his insecurity. Why? If he is innocent that why does he have to worry. Ever since the DV act came into force he calls me and asks me about my well being. I can hear his voice trembles. This is the same guy who use to throw things around violently around when I was his slave. Today when I am free and away from his clutches, he is scared to death. What goes around comes around. He is a victim of his own fears and insecurities to the core. I pity him.
    Tomorrow he will call me 5 times and tell me I love you darling.

  4. Kunjal Says:

    By the way kuddos to Renuka Chowdhury who is leaving no stone unturned to make sure the culprits are brought to India. We have to be stern and brave. The lines have been drawn.

  5. Vidhya M S Says:

    My husband calls my family all the time to beg to withdraw the cases. He calls me several times a week to plead that I withdraw the cases and he will take me back. Can you imagine “take me back” . It will be no surprise that one day a red alert notice will be sent to him as well.

  6. Purple A Says:

    This is really great news. But with it comes responsibilty and work. Several women are abused and beaten. They do not even come forward becuase of the stigma attached to it or simply because they are unaware. We need to make sure, they receive HELP and counselling and legal aid ASAP. So if you know anyone, please connect them to the local help agencies.

  7. NRI wife Says:

    I want to let everyone know the truth , the real story.

    Since the DV act came into existence, my estranged husband is pleading me to withdraw the case. First I thought it was the usual drama that his gang teaches him, but now I can see fear in his voice, so much fear that the once abusive man is now at the mercy of his own past deeds. He openly clamims to me how the gang he joined has mislead him and how sorry he is feeling.

    I am going to say everything now to everyone and I know everything, how scared all of them are and how they run their farce game filled with criminals. Excuse me alleged criminals.
    Since the red alert notives have been issued, my estranged husband calls me everyday and it is a pleasure to cut his calls. I know he is scared. I may agree that this could be drama as well, but even still, he calls me. And not the GRAND SUCCESS OF PRAVASI BHARATIYA DIWAS, he has no where to run.

    Because Renuka Chaudhury is making sure that Indian laws apply to people no matter where they reside. So that if Indian citizens ill-treat their wives or violate the law, they can be recalled to India.”

    This has sent up a chill up his spineless spine.

    I have only one thing to say that goes around comes around

    I was fortunate to come out alive out of this torture and there were wonderful angels who helped me unconditionally. Today I am at peace, and he is NOT.

    I have my god with me and he does not.

  8. Kiran Says:

    This is great news. This has been possible only after so many years , we see this happening only after 10000000s of women have suffered endlessly. We have to ensure we remove the dirt from the roots once and for all.
    Marriage is Harmony , trust and love. It needs to come back in its original form.

  9. SriPriya Says:

    Hello Ash and All,
    I am very happy to hear this. Kudos to all the brave women. This is lot of positive hardwork and it has not gone futile. There is no substitute for our hard work.
    Hi Vidhya, same with my estranged spouse forcing me to get back to him by giving myself. Its not going to happen until he gets reformed. I will never get back.
    Kunjal, yes marriage is supreme and this positive empowerment will give lot of awareness. Divorce is not really bad. The remarriage will happen too, yes with love, trust and harmony.
    God bless you.

  10. Woman Says:

    Ladies, even my husband calls me and more that I get blank calls from him all the time. After DV act he suddenly loves me. Even though I have put a restraining order on him, then he calls me from unidentified numbers. So despy he is. He has joined a mans group who all want to take sanyas and eradicate women, still in the evenings he calls me. When I question him that he has joined the mens group and has to follow their rules, he has no answer. I am sure if asked to admit , he will never. But he knows and I know the truth fully. This is the best part. No doubt that now his feelings are fake after his family blames him for the mess he is in and them too, but now it is toooo late. No other lady will want to marry him and he will be a loner all his life. Atleast I have my family who till this day stand by me.

  11. Vanita Says:

    I was deserted by my husband in San Francisco. Till today I am in the women’s shelter who have helped me find a job and assisted me in many other ways. They have been more than my family and loved and protected me endlessly. When I became independent my husband started harrassing me and my co-mates at the shelter. I now have a restraining order on him since the past few months. Life is now great and I feel totally safe. And Renuka Chaudhury—THANK YOU MADAME. You have done what no one else could have ever thought of achieving.
    Go women, get your identity and freedom. Just because our marriages did not work out, but LIFE IS STILL BEAUTIFUL OUT THERE. HAVE FUN AND MAKE MERRY!!!!!

  12. sufferer Says:

    hi to all lucky ladies!
    congrats!coz’ atleast now your husbands are reformed ( because of fear of dv act).my husband has escaped from india after i filing a case against him.i filed a case because he forced and sent me to india and once he is back after a couple of weeks to india he didn’t turn up to see me or my babay.thought we tried to call him they never used to give him and even we tried with mediators to know why he is doing all this.atlast his father and sister told my uncle like their guy is going to leave me and my son and asked us to go and what ever we waNT.WHEN WE CAME TO know like they are looking matches for him i was shocked and then gave a complaint.even after my husband escaping to US i tried to call him and even asked several of my friends to ask him what’s his problem with me.but nobody helped me.i had a very good faith in indian marriage.and am sure everyone will be happy though there will be some thunders.good luck and have a happy life.

  13. Manasi Says:

    Would the article help me my case?Are there any laws that have be implemented in such a situation?I would like to brief my situation and as per that can you suggest me how to go about this difficult situation?
    I got married on 24th Dec 2004 to an NRI residing in US and who is currently on H1B visa.After getting married to him,i joined him in US and we were together in US till June 2006.In June 06 he send me to India saying that he will be coming to India by Dec 2006 and take me,as per his words he never turned up.So i decided to go and meet him in US,i did so.But then after coming to US i came to know that he has filed for Divorce Complaint here in US (State is PA), im not ready to take the Divorce.Is this Divorce Decree valid in India.Can he get remarried in US after getting a divorce in US?Plz help me coming out of this situation?I need some legal advice.

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