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Indian Marriage Stamp–is YOUR passport stamped? February 2, 2007

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It is getting better and better for us and tougher and tougher for all the NRI men who have all these years been sadistically enjoying the “holiday syndrome”, its benefits, its perks and the free fat dowry that comes with it. The process of marrying a desi naïve girl, grab the dowry, and dumping her will soon be a thing of the past. It is time to face the law of the land. HOW? The lady that he marries needs to have passport her stamped with the details such as date and place of marriage and most important WHO she has married which will provide her legal sanctity in the foreign country where she can prove (if the need arises) that she is the legally wedded wife and not visiting for tourism purposes.

All those sly NRI men who claim that they want to marry a desi girl to retain the culture…crap crap crap and once they marry, receive the fat dowry—what they actually seek, then in no time desert and dump their wives viciously. Numerous such NRI men who have committed these heinous acts are now absconding, in fact several of them have gone into hiding ever since the red alert notices were issued. Several of them have legal trails waiting for them in India but refuse to come to face them, and ironically still claim to be innocent!!!

Newly wedded brides from India must insist on having their passports stamped and also check the background of the boy, research his family background from his neighborhood. The WCD suggests once the marriage has taken place, the bride and her family members must be adamant on registering the marriage.

The suggestion has been received with some resistance from NRI men. WHY? What is there to be afraid of? Why are they nervous? Are their intentions not clear? Are their thoughts not honest? Do they have surreptitious cunning motives? What are those? Marry and dump? Seek fat dowry? Dump? Marry again? Again seek dowry?

Well well….. time to get the passport stamped where you can boast of being part of sacred pact called – Marriage!!!…..Ahhh…..Indian Marriage 🙂

Details are as follows……….

NEW DELHI: Indian women who marry NRIs will now get legal proof of their wedlock if the government has its way.

The ministries of women and child development (WCD) and overseas Indian affairs are pushing for a mandatory certification of marriage on the wife’s passport.

A substantial number of Indian marriages are not registered and therefore do not have legal sanctity.

This makes it easy for NRIs to desert or abandon their wives or withhold alimony on the pretext that the marriage is not legal.

Under the proposal, the WCD ministry wants a stamp on the woman’s passport certifying that she is married and not merely leaving the country for tourism purposes.

The proposal was discussed at a recent meeting between WCD minister Renuka Chowdhury and overseas Indian affairs minister Vayalar Ravi.

The WCD ministry had suggested last year that registration of marriages be made compulsory but it met stiff resistance from the law ministry.

“We are still demanding that marriage registration be made mandatory for all religions, at least in states where NRI marriages are incre-asing. But till such a legislation comes through, we are also looking for other options,”a source said.

The ministry is also planning amendments in Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code which details mental and physical cruelty against a wife and reasons for desertion. “We want to strengthen the Act,”the source said.

The government will also work on pacts with other countries to get husbands who have abandoned their wives in India deported.

The ministries are keen to harmonise legislation with countries like US and UK – that have a substantial Indian diaspora – so that Indians would be tried under Indian laws.

The impact could be far-reaching – the Indian diaspora includes over 16 lakh people in the US and around 12 lakh in the UK.

Officials said an increasing number of complaints were received from states like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala of girls being abandoned or cheated by their NRI husbands.

The complaints from residents of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi deal with abandonment, abuse, unmet dowry demands and lack of awareness while women from south Indian states like Andhra and Kerala are taken to the Gulf on the excuse of marriage only to be pushed into prostitution or forced to work as housemaids in pathetic conditions.

By Vidhya M.S


5 Responses to “Indian Marriage Stamp–is YOUR passport stamped?”

  1. Vanita Says:

    New Delhi: The government may soon decide to stamp the marital status of non-resident Indians on their passports.

    Alarmed by the increasing instances of NRIs abandoning their wives in India, the government is considering ways to check fraudulent marriages in the country. It is estimated that 30,000 women have been abandoned by NRIs in India.

    Overseas Affairs minister Vayalar Ravi and minister of state for Women and Child Development Renuka Chowdhury discussed the proposal at a meeting on Wednesday. “The stamp will have details like the place and the date of marriage,” a senior government official said.

    The government is considering two approaches for this. It will ask the US and the UK governments to seek information about the marital status of persons applying for visas and provide this information on the visa itself. Most NRI distress marriages are reported from Indians in the US and UK.

    Alternately the marital status would be mentioned on the passport. “It will provide documentary evidence to check the status,” the official explained. However, the proposal will need the permission of the Ministry of External Affairs, as the Passport Act would have to be amended. “It would be discussed with MEA soon,” an official said.

    On the mandatory registration of marriages, the two ministries have decided to pursue the registration of marriages with the Law Ministry. Mandatory registration can be a deterrent, as experience in NRI surplus Kerala has shown.

    The two ministries have also sought information from the MEA about extradition treaties between India and other countries on marriage related cases.

    The government is also examining recommendations on NRI marriages including mandatory registration of NRI marriages, bilateral agreements between India and other countries with large Indian diaspora, government processed reconciliation process and counselling of NRI marriage victims.

  2. Rachana Says:

    How wonderful, yes this will bring a stop to the fraudulent marriages. Good job gals. Girls rule.


  3. Prakruti Says:

    Looking at the larger picture..

    Women should be empowered (education, financial independence and a MIND) so that they do not in the first place accept ‘dowry’ marriages.

    In instances where for whatever reasons the marriage does not work (does not HAVE to be a demonic husband) there should be freedom of choice to live a full life beyond marriage and the manage and take care of themselves and kids, if needed.

    Beyond all this of course is the strength and the will to so and move on…bravely with life..which comes from within and the help and support of friends and family and groups like this one!!!

  4. PurpleA Says:

    I am in sync with Prakruti and that is exactly what I have done. I care 2 hoots about what my bitter half is upto.

    All I cared about was to move on and live in the present, to make it beautiful and better each day. Once you are by yourself and have learnt to live by yourself, life moves faster as you have full control of it. Decisions are made independently and executed faster.

    My bitter half is busy in courts and legal matters. And I am not even into it. Thank fully.

    Life comes at you fast, best to live every moment and second.

    I took my first big vacation last year and it was awesome. I painted the town red and had a freakin great time. Did exactly what I wanted to and how I wanted to. Even shopping was fun.

    I want to summarize… is delicious. Relish it 🙂

  5. Shobha Says:

    I did not even notice this. Thank God this is a lot of joy for me. God is so lovely and powerful, his great love for us esp for all kind women and loving children is unfailing. No more tolerance for wickedness. I am very happy now.


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