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Better & Lighter after 30 February 19, 2007

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It is always a delight to meet like-minded women personally from the same walks of life and with whom we interact frequently on the internet. We have so much in common from our past that when we met this weekend, it was no coincidence that we shared similar likes and dislikes, tastes and had the same views on life and the same status, the most sought after cherished status: SINGLE. Oh yaaaa…most of us have had to go through an ordeal to achieve this treasured status (once again).

All of us were in sync that life only begins after age 30. There is something special to it, which only when one has achieved the 30 can perceive.

I will give a practical example: When we travel from India to USA and if are overloaded with extra baggage then the airport attendant asks us to do away with certain kilos from our total baggage weight. And there at that point, we start deciding what to take and what to discard. What we discard is excess baggage. The excess baggage that we can do without and we don’t need. The excess baggage that we can comfortably be without. And at age 30 most of us have gladly discarded our excess baggage and we are thus lighter and carry only the vital stuff with us i.e. our zesty attitude & freedom.

And now for those who have not understood what I mean, well when you turn 28 or 29 and feel burdened, trapped, harassed, tortured and depressed, it will dawn 🙂

So….some of us fine ladies decided to meet and paint the town red this weekend with our antics. A weekend of fun and frolic and naughtiness. We met at a common place and stayed the night at one friend’s home closest to some hot spots, happening places and clubs here in the east coast. The snowfall from earlier this week and the cold weather created the perfect ambience for the eventful weekend. A bunch of 30 somethings have a lot to speak and share. Adventures galore…!! We brunched and dined and had some fine red wine. And in the night we partied until the wee hours of the morning. Being the Valentine weekend there was no dearth of single men who considered themselves blessed (oh yaaaaa…) when we obliged to shake a leg with them.

I suggest to all members in their cities to meet up, socialize and chill. As Prakruti says too “Life is lovely, if you know how to live it!!!”

No doubt life gets only better and lighter after 30. Got it???

By Sripriya


10 Responses to “Better & Lighter after 30”

  1. Anupama Says:

    Hi Sripriya,
    I enjoyed all the fun, frolic and naughtiness. It was a lovely gathering a real special time for me and my friend, I was all entertained with you all and love you very much. Cant wait to meet again. We are sooo delighted with joy. Hope to meet again soon. Loving all your red balloons and beautiful flowers.


  2. Prakruti Says:

    Lools like u did have a blast.. Well let me tell u a lil secret.. life gets even better at 40..!!!
    Take care

  3. Maggie Says:

    40…oooh lalllaaaaaaa. Now what happens at 40???

  4. Vidhya Says:

    It was a great joy to enjoy with you all. Thanks for inviting me. We should meet every month. Stay in touch.


  5. Ash Says:

    I am 30 years old and my divorce is going on. I feel like I am receiving a new lease to life all over again at 30. It is a new high, I am ready to rock. Life comes at you fast, the best way to enjoy it, is to ride along with it.

  6. Prakash Says:

    Hi Girls,
    WOW it is a real beautiful and very special time of your life. Enjoy every moment every minute is a special gift. Life has many other lovely rainbow of colors other than red which are beautiful…


  7. Prakruti Says:

    Hi Maggie..
    At 40 life is really peaceful and happy!! Having a great time..!!

  8. Prakruti Says:

    Have just started blogging and some share some experiences and thoughts. Comments and feedbacl are welcome.


  9. Sripriya Says:

    Dear Anupama, Prakruti, Maggie, Vidhya, Ash, Prakash and ALL, Thanks. Finally my divorce is coming thru soon, my ex has agreed to let me get out of marriage trap. I am enjoying the wonderful moment and cant wait to get back what I lost since 10yrs bondage. All my family and my best friends are with me in this time, and again I thankyou for all your prayers for me and my kid as finally I am going to be free at 33 which is a pure bliss for me as I know I can regain my happiness and joy like I was in past. I am looking much younger and more beautiful again. No wonder life is so beautiful and short. I am happy to be divorced, no bounds and no limits to my freedom of happiness, peace, love, sucess and joy.

  10. Ash Says:

    (MR Ash please stop this crying and whining attitude. We know your wife has dumped you but you deserve it. Now you have the GAY group to do the fun job for you )

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