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Revel in Womanhood March 8, 2007

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Revel in Womanhood

To wipe away that errant tear
To soothe away those fears
To tackle the biggest problems
With lending eyes and ears..

To come up with a plan
To live life the best one can
To drive away the fears
With that cosy tuck of comforters..

With that piping hot cup of tea
When life was so weary
To that delicious meal
Served also with love and care and zeal!!

My thoughts are with all of you (women) today..
May life treat you the very best way
and offer you all the treasures
that you so gladly give away!!!

By Prakruti

Happy Women’s day to all of you wonderful women out there. Cheers 🙂


18 Responses to “Revel in Womanhood”

  1. SriPriya Says:

    Its a very beautiful poem and it gives me lot of joy. Thankyou very much Prakruti. I love your beauty of treasures mentioned in your poem. It has comforted me to the utmost depth of my soul. Prakruti its so natural of you, you got lot of caring thoughts. May God give you all his riches and may you always enjoy the beauty of those riches.

    Happy Women’s day to ALL wonderful women !!!


  2. Prakruti Says:

    Dear SriPriya
    Thanks and have a great day!

  3. PurpleA Says:

    Yo… beauty, lovely poem. It says it all for all what we do and will keep doing. You have a wonderful day as well.

  4. Ash Says:

    Woman power and love is here to stay forever and ever. Our treasures are cherished.

    Aurat…ke bahoot roop. Har roop anokha. 🙂 Har roop ek nayi kahaani .

  5. PremLata Says:

    aap ki baatein mein bahoot rang aur mast ada !! Har kahaani ki rani aurat :):)


  6. Prakruti Says:

    Ash and PremLata.. U got me going now!!!

    Har baag ki maali aurat
    har khyab ki tabeer aurat
    har gazal ki ibaarat aurat..
    har chehere ki tabbasum aurat..

    Could go on and on!!!


  7. HOT DOG Says:

    Aurat has many roops, (remove your frustration some place else)

  8. Aasha Says:

    Dont you all know that barking dogs never bite 🙂
    Dogs are our favorite pets but when they bark its said that they dont bite.

    Kutte ki dum tedi…


  9. CTP Says:

    This is a nice poem and a nice remake of the web site, what we really need is this forum to be more proactive in helping women of south asian origin to fight this ‘War on Terror’ in our homes. Let us all get together in this noble cause.

    p.s: jackals are on the constant prowl and have no other work then to monitor sites as these and post hate messages under different pseudo names (na-mard).

  10. MR Ash Says:

    Did you Hear about the terrorist that hijacked a 747 full of women?
    He threatened to release one every hour if his demands weren’t met.

  11. MR Ash Says:

    Read this. Or rather, read the pdf. It’s easier on the eyes.
    (MR ASH, dont you get it you moron, DONT post other links here.)

  12. CTP Says:

    This is the perfect case of na-mard’s on the prowl, the link posted by “Ash” points to ‘togetherweband’. This is height of un-manliness!!! :-()
    I wonder whether these ‘men’ have any shame left? First they might have probably driven our their women and children after tortuing them in the confines of their bed-rooms and then having no other work (after coming from work) sit at the computer and only look at different ways to vent their hatred.
    Hey “Ash” – remember every thing you post in the future will first apply to the women ‘remaining’ in ur family [mother(s) & sister(s)]. You wont forget this message, every evil thought you have on women will first be sent to the ones closest to you. So follow my advice and join a mental institute asap.

  13. Kiran Says:

    MR Ash

    Dont even try to pretend to be a woman, coz you suckers will always be SUCKERS. FUCK the hell out from here. Yes, I heard that a plane was hijacked, it included you , all the MILs and SILs.. Good for mankind. 700+ criminals will be wiped out of our planet in one go.

  14. Pinky Says:

    I am very proud to be woman. I like your wonderful poem Prakruti and I agree with CTP to be proactive in helping south asian women.


  15. Everyone, thanks for appreciating our site. Cheers 🙂

  16. Shivani Says:

    Prakruti, this is really a very beautiful poem. It is very inspirational too. Simply by going through it i could feel a sense of peace inside. Thanks to good souls like you we women get our moments of solace.


  17. Prakruti Says:

    Pinky, Shivani, Ash and others..
    Thanks for all the comments. Good to be part of this group.

  18. Preeti Says:

    Ha, ha. This Mr Ash is so pathetic.
    You really have to be a flawless loser to:
    a) Read a women’s only blog, if you’re a guy.
    b) Diss the women writing there and not even have the balls to reveal your name
    c) Think that posting anti-women jokes on a site like this is the ulitmate homage to Mardangi and the harmless anatomical appendage that inspires all this insanity and insecurity.
    Some men put their entire sex to shame


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