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Hey is your phone ringing?? March 12, 2007

Filed under: Dowry Menace,Fraudulent NRI Marriages,Legal Issues,Matrimonial Conflicts — togetherwebond @ 10:10 am

Being a frequent visitor of moia and ncw sites, recently I came across something interesting that is damn good news for Indian women deserted by NRI men. Point to be noted…more applicable to the notorious class of NRI men on H1 visa who are famously infamous for the huge racket called Fraudulent NRI marriages. NRI fraudulent marriages.

This bit of superb news is something that will hit them so hard that all doors will be closed on them now. They have been cornered already by the red alert notices and more now with the following:

Go on and read here for all the details :

Welfare of Indian Women Married to NRIs/PIOs

38.10: The Committee was told by large sections of the Diaspora about the need to prevent abuse of Indian women married to NRIs/PIOs. We strongly recommend that a special cell should be created in the proposed new organization to handle Diaspora issues with the mandate to assist in the provision of free legal counseling for the families of girls contemplating marriage to NRIs/PIOs. Such families should be advised to check the voter or alien registration card of such NRIs/PIOs, their social security number and tax returns for the preceding three years. The bridegroom should be asked to given them an affidavit stating his current marital status. That document should be attached to the application for marriage registration. This should be mandatory prerequisite to the issuance of a marriage registration certificate. This procedure would considerably bring down cases of misinformation and fraudulent marriages. The Committee has drawn strength from the Supreme Court decision in the case of Smt. Neeraja Saraph vs. Shri Jayant Saraph, where the court had suggested the need to consider legislation safeguarding the interests of women. It has suggested three specific provisions namely,

1) No marriage between an NRI and an Indian Woman, which has taken place in India, may be annulled by a foreign court

2) Provision may be made for adequate alimony to the wife in the property of the husband both in India and abroad

3) The decree granted by Indian courts may be made executable in foreign courts both on the principle of comity and by entering into reciprocal agreements like section 4A of the Civil Procedure Code which makes a foreign decree executable as it would have been a decree passed by the court.

If the above comes through and is implemented, then any scope or fancy desire to remarry subsequent to unceremoniously dumping the Indian wife and that also after gulping a big fat dowry, will now only be a desire that will cease to exist.

Because India is NOT going to accept divorces that are granted in foreign land. With that the NRI man can forget about the alternative to remarry in this lifetime.


The objective of the scheme is to provide some financial assistance to needy women in distress who have been deserted by their overseas Indian spouses for obtaining counseling and legal services. The term “Overseas Indian” would include NRIs and foreign citizens of Indian origin.

The NRIs on H1s and their heinous crimes are being uncovered everyday, and more aid is coming for the Indian woman harassed/tortured in foreign land.

The holiday marriage syndrome that came with a fat dowry is nearing its painful death. I can visualize the H1 dowry-seeking culprits now calling their wives and pleading her to return. Ever since the red alert notices have been declared, the pleadings have increased. Needless to say with this scheme, it is going to happen twice as more. As it is no ADCD woman gives the time of her day to even glance at the H1 man who dips his tortilla chips twice in salsa (yikes). And why will any other sane intelligent woman marry a guy who is not legally divorced and ask for trouble!!

With no option of remarriage in India, the only option left for the NRI man and his cult is to call back the wife, seek forgiveness and beg her to come back.

My estranged half is calling me non-stop and trying to strike a deal with me since the past couple of months.

Hey….is your phone ringing?? Check it out 🙂

By Kiran


33 Responses to “Hey is your phone ringing??”

  1. MR Paul Says:

    you are a (cut), aren’t you.
    How does it feel to get it (cut)?

  2. Ash Says:

    I am loving it that you are SOOOO angry. Sumanth says you morons do not get provoked. Your deeds are paying off now.
    Keep it coming. We enjoy the monkey show.

  3. Shivani Says:

    Good to know that govt is taking such measures to protect the interest of wives. I hope they take strict steps to ensure that men dont take advantage of women. Women have been denied their place in society for so long. Now it is time for them to rejoice. Thanks Kiran for making us aware. Many of us dont even know the various laws which are there to protect women. This site is indeed very helpful.


  4. Harrison Says:

    May God bless all those beloved Indian women. Kiran, good job to bring awareness around us.


  5. Mr Ash Says:

    (Sucker, get a life)

  6. PurpleA Says:

    Informative article and kudos to the Indian govt . I can only imagine the ripples it will create in the NRI circle of men who are around with vile intentions.

    What appalls me is the reaction of some men. Obviously if any man out there has respected the concept of marriage and his wife, he has nothing to worry about. Period.

    But the reaction of some men, says it all, (guilty guilty) that they are the ones who will face legal action the most if the above scheme and laws come into existence. The article above does not mention any names or personal details. It is purely informative. So why are some people having problems with it. I guess it is pretty obvious. Their hopes of remarriage have crashed hard. But I would suggest to them to try to make and effort and be a fine man and plead their wives and seek forgiveness.

    Making derogatory remarks and writing idiotic lines only speaks volumes of their insecurity, fear and helpless state of mind. More so over when they come disguised and use women names hoping against hope to receive some kind of attention. What they don’t realize that women don’t think like men and vice versa and it is thus utter foolishness even to attempt it.

    So my message to the so called honest guys out there, is to take hike and get lost. Live and let live.

    And my message to the fine ladies, is to ignore and have a good laugh at their high insecurity levels.

  7. PurpeA Says:

    I would also like to add my 2 cents regarding the vulgar messages we have been receiving about “women getting older”. If I start the baldy description of men’s old age symptoms, it is going to crack everyone up.

    Guys —grow up!

    Making digs or personal attacks that are physical in nature are nothing but discriminatory and bigoted .Only a person with a hole in his brains can do this.

    Getting old is wonderful and part of nature. And to be part of nature, to be in sync with it and grow with nature is all about being GRACEFUL.

  8. Satish Says:

    Hey Gals,
    HAHAHAHAhhhh. Good to read all your awesome comments. We all love them always, keep them coming…


  9. situ Says:

    purple–as i said before…you have correctly estimated the value of your opinion —2 cents…

    hehehhe—you should prolly change you name to red now

    administrator—back off!!

  10. Kiran Says:

    Do you know what phraseology means? If not, GET LOST you MORONIC BOAR from pure specie.

    Just like a boar that eats of trash, you keep on rehashing your gibberish. A patent trait nonetheless.

  11. CTP Says:

    I request the togetherwebond team to create memberships and monitor posting, the na-mards are not only posting using different names but also using other member names to discredit them.

    Psycho’s such as “Mr.Ash” and his brothers should be shipped to a mental asylum or packed tightly in a cage and rocketed off to outer space.

    I wonder if they even drove out their mothers and sisters out with their sick behaviors.

  12. Vanita Says:


    But I am having a good laugh that these guys are soooo pissed off with the above situation. The more vulgar comments they write–the more their butts are itching.
    I agree they should be shipped to a mental asylum but including their equally greedy mothers and sisters who have given him this training. It is all about upbringing.

    Their no-logic comments reflects their helplessness and incapability. The more the merrier.

  13. Vanita Says:


    My sick bitter half is nervous very nervous. He has to bear the fruit of his own deeds now. It is driving him crazy to the core. I am not interested a bit now. Since the past 3 years has found no one to remarry though he is still not divorced from me. I have seen his matrimonial adds in various sites trying his luck.

  14. Raj Says:

    Vanita, that’s so funny – for the last 3 years my bitter wife has been putting up her matrimonial ad in various sites claiming to be divorced even though we are not even legally separated, let alone divorced!

  15. Firdoz Says:

    Are you same guy who is my ex-husband Aslam’s college buddy??
    So sad to know your story. Why did u come into this divorced women’s support group?
    You can go into other sites like Vanita said above. No one will be looking for you here. Good bye..


  16. Ash Says:

    Raj said

    we are not even legally separated, let alone divorced!

    Boy ….he is all messed up.

    One can be, yes can be separated and estranged, but not divorced.

    When you say legally separated, it means onle one thing DIVORCE.

    Looks like you have some major disorders.

  17. Tuturaviprasadsatyabalajishekaravrositubharatvijay Says:




    For the rest of their life, this laughter will haunt them in their sleep, worklife and life. It took them just 3 secs to pee in their pants and end the chat.

    Have you heard of that saying “even the 4 walls have EARS” . Probably not, all your’ll know is dowry.

    RUN for your life morons, the cops are after you.

  18. Preeti Says:

    Like I said earlier, you men who post here are pathetic. Go back to whichever hole you’ve crawled out from. Heck, even milipedes have more decency and honour that you suckers.

  19. Johnny-Guddi Says:

    I blv someone confirmed that Raj knows Vanita or he is her husband was it you Kiran, may be they removed your comment.
    Dont worry Preeti Raj want to convey his thots to his wife on this blog.
    All these guys above want to talk to their Spouses and Satya is not letting them to chat. Very bad Satya, stop playing with ppl. Dont you see all of them are Indian men names and they want to take their wifes names so they are picking on Vanita. Good she is chosen. Take care.

  20. rispa Says:

    PLease report member misuse on the matrimony site instead of commenting for these kind of article. Note that i have come across profile of same guy balagolds1 one which said he is seperated with kids and other said his never been married.We should take steps to report such misuse

  21. PurpleA Says:

    I totally agree with you. Let us expose these criminals so that no other women suffers at their hands again.

  22. True Desi Says:

    (your elderly parents have set a poor example for you especially your mom—but not all women are like your mom. )

  23. True Desi Says:

    (stop calling your mother a whore and other women too. Agree you are angry but vent it towards her)

  24. Geek Says:

    (stop calling true desi’s mother a whore, take your fight someplace else)

  25. Ash Says:

    Oooch that must hurt huh? Wat say True Desi? No wonder you got what you deserved. Must have been hard in the dark with bugs getting your rear.
    If this is how you call your mother name calling, then it is no surprise you have been dumped by your wife and kids. Many like you who all are truly a sad case joining the gay gang of save indian crap.

  26. True Desi Says:

    (this one will also see the trash)

  27. Ash Says:

    You guys, your susceptibility is sooooo apparent and enjoyable. Leaving comments with our names and the name of the administrator (that too on our website) is a sign of your defeat and no options left. The more I read your spurious comments the more my decision of taking the legal recourse against my ex is justified. Vicious morons like you will always do the rounds of the courts –thanks to our Indian legal system and your violent nature. What credibility you u guys have left after being a convict who does the rounds of jails and courts.
    And if you are an NRI who abused his wife, then you have a live warrant waiting for you in India and basically are under “country –arrest “in USA or any other foreign land. Your freedom is restricted.
    Haven’t all of you made allegations on your wives for having extra marital affairs and so on? So definitely we are NOW very happy with our boyfriends and are straight, out of free will.

    Please do some research on sulekha and desicritics where other normal men have called you gays coz you have no option and no free will and hence now part of save Indian gay club—you guys(oops gays) take the trophy away of the largest group for gays and convicts.

  28. Ash( you can call me ass) Says:

    (someone who calls his mother a whore, uses adjectives on his own mother has no business to talk about upbringing. Do we come on your site and comment. NO NO NO and never will. We will not give you that importance. We do not talk to convicts or people who have been in prision. No one even visits your sites from our group. So cut it out. Please carry on with your homo activities some place else.)

  29. Observer Says:

    As more and more comments are posted here and then deleted, I am so amused. A slap that is not heard HURTS more. Dear Admin, please continue with your scissors and chop the bastard’s balls.. He has no place to shit, looks like the cops put a botch on his ass and he is totally constipated. Or wait…the problem could be something else…you know what since he is so obsessed with the word ASS, it is a problem that GAYS have…you know why? Coz their ASS works overtime..
    Hey Mr Ass please read here how you GAYS are exposed on international forum
    Hey Mr ASS…so who is your partner????
    The largest is full of gays, asses and convicts. Take it away, it is all yours

  30. Tannu Says:

    I agree with insider. And thanks for the link. Gosh…it reveals all of their homo activities. They themsleves have admitted to it.
    As a principle I never access their sites or related sites. But this asshole loves our site and I would like to thank him for his attention. Also would like to break the news to him that this is not a gay site. And Mr Assohole please pass on information to my ex that I am very much happy, have a life, a new partner and he is normal.

  31. JayKay spy Says:

    Ladies I would like to expose the real JayKay and his piteous plight. He needs help, please help him.

    Following is his SOS message

    “Hi All,
    I need some feedback on couple of things after going through RTI site…. Appreciate reply. I don’t understand the 2 items below from the RTI website…..

    1. What is not open to disclosure? (Does this mean that RTI could be refused on the grounds below ?)
    information which would impede the process of investigation or apprehension or prosecution of offenders;
    information available to a person in his fiduciary relationship, unless the competent authority is satisfied that the larger public interest warrants the disclosure of such information;

    2. Bar of Jurisdiction of Courts :(does this mean that no action could be taken with this info ?)

    No court shall entertain any suit, application or other proceeding in respect of any order made under this Act and no such order shall be called in question otherwise than by way of an appeal under this Act.

    Now coming to my case….

    1. My dad was arrested without any reasoning or questioning on 498a & Sec IV of Dowry prohibition act.
    2. Filed for squashing FIR and still pending in Madras High Court, but got interim stay.


    1. Will this stay prevent RTI since chargesheet is not done yet by the police ?
    2. Judicial magistrate remanded my dad for 23 days. Can RTI be addressed to the court as well ? Is corrupt magistrate excluded from this ?
    3. If RTI comes with some inappropriate stupid or trivial reply, can it be used during the FIR squashing trials? (I though such reply could be a bonus for the trial)
    4. If Squash fails & court recommends charge sheet, will police show their vengence on we using RTI & create more problems in chargesheet ?
    5. RTI form asks to provide information on the case and also talks about damage compensation. How do we address this ? Just ask for some 15 20 lakhs, how does this work???
    6. My dad is planning on meeting with the lady police bitch who arrested him and asking her what prompted her to do this. He thinks that by talking with her and conveying our side of the coin, she might make the charge sheet if done, light than being too rude. Will this help in any way ?

    Please reply within the questions and also pro’s & con’s on using RTI.
    Thanks everyone for help.

  32. Kiran Says:

    Looks like this JayKay who used to blow his broken (pun intended) trumpet is actually in deepshit. Hey spy…good job. As usual our suspicion that he was indeed a dowry taker is so true. Shame shame….no wonder is father spent so many days in the jail and even now he is trying to get out of the legal system by finding the loopholes in the legal system. What is absolutely great is that he so at the mercy of the woman police officer!!!

  33. Manasi Says:

    MR it hurts
    We come from well to do cultured family. For us relationships matter and not money. So the question of us being implicated in false cases does not even arise. It is very evident from the helplessness of Jaykay that he is a culprit, fraud and a criminal who is trying to find loop holes in the legal system in the name of RTI and finding ways to get the lady police officer to go easy on the chargesheet. Why? Why go easy? Common and face it as is and the way it is. He should not be thrown in jail but the dungeons…his old father and old mother

    Law is the same for everyone irrespective of caste, creed, gender and age.

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