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Way to go fine ladies…….. May 13, 2007

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Here’s wishing all single moms a very Happy Mothers Day. Being a single mom and raising children is not an easy task but it is also the one that entails a lot of joys, compassions, pleasures and many many many cheerful moments together in ups and downs.

When I decided to file for the full custody of my children I sometimes wondered if I could pull through it. However, when I was granted the full custody of my children there was no limit to my happiness. It meant freedom, freedom for me, freedom for my children, and freedom for my children’s upbringing.

Today we are a threesome blissful family. I am their mother and their only parent. We take vacations together to create more happy moments for a lifetime, do our own thing and most important stay in peace. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation and so also my children.

I would like to use this platform to wish all single mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Way to go fine ladies, you’ve got it in you 🙂 –the spark !

By Neha


17 Responses to “Way to go fine ladies……..”

  1. Divya M S Says:

    Love it, more of such success stories! I admire women who take care of their children by themselves. And more so the ones who are not at a mercy of some child maintenance. In that lies true freedom.
    Good Job Neha, create more happy moments.

  2. vibhuti Says:


    God bless your Mom for making you so beautiful.

    Hope all your days are blessed.

  3. Tannu Says:

    Glad you cherish your well deserved freedom.

  4. Anjali Says:

    I too sometimes use to ask myself if I could take care of my child single handedly. Come to think of it, it is not tough. In fact if anything it is better and gives more freedom. The outcomes of all decisions are solely mine and I love it. When my child does well in school, the credit goes to me as a single parent, when he is happy; I know I did a good job…so to sum it up, I am solely responsible for everything that goes on and the freedom is good.

  5. Aasha Says:

    (your comments in the name of aashas , tangees and ashs and gays names will be deleted)

  6. Aasha Says:

    ( …and my pleasure to delete it one more time, keep it coming)

  7. Maggie Says:

    Even I have the sole custody of my children. And for this I have to thank another lady in my life that made the difference. This was the lady who my ex was crazy about and at her mercy. She was not keen to have my ex share the custody, so my ex never pursued it and I was granted sole custody. Yes ironically I do thank her. Later she dumped him as well and he is now left with nothing.
    Sole custody is good for the children as well since they are not torn between 2 adults and passed around like commodities over the holidays.
    My children and I are happy in our own little world we have created.

  8. Aasha Says:

    yes Maggie…thank you so your comment. Sole custody is not blessing, agreed it will be more trauma for the kid who is disowned by parent.
    Treat kids with good moral example.
    Dont bring other lady’s blame etc, yes yours kids Dad have disowned them at your mercy.
    You have no choice to accept them now. Its a blessing in disguise for you from God.

  9. Maggie Says:

    Oh shut up Aasha….you talk utter crap. What the fuck do you want to convey? Cut the fucking crap out.

    Sole custody is a blessing. Does that get into your rotten skull?

    Also, before being a mother , I am a woman and i have a Choice to accept my kids . Okay.

    So shut the hell up.

  10. Aasha Says:

    ( very glad you got beaten up)

  11. Musings Says:

    Being a mother/parent is probably one of the most cherished roles that we have!!

    All the best.

  12. Vishalakshi Says:


    Refrain from making personal attacks. Your emotional disbalance is not doing any good for anyone.

  13. Maggie Says:

    I think this Aashas and Asses have a big mental problem. They need to see a shrink as soon as possible. it is not a surprise that they have no lives and have to use different names shamelessly . No work no life, loosers. It is the good job of our admin who deletes them and throws them out.

  14. Neha Says:

    I agree with you Maggie…that these Ashas and asshes are basically screwed up in life. Loosers to the core. If they are women, then shame on them. It does not take them a second to jump and make personal invalid and uncalled for attacks. They call other women names but little to they realise that their own state is pathetic because it speaks volumes of their mental disbalance. They need to see a doctor and take care of their accute depression.

  15. Neha Says:


    If they knew that they have disbalances, then life would be better for us. But they are a burden on society itself and a pain to us. They keep harping on sole custody with no point and sense.

  16. Aasha Says:

    (the pleasure is all mine to delete you disbalanced soul)

  17. CTP Says:

    I dont believe that these are ‘Ashas’ are real, remember that some eunuchs are also on the prowl on this web site and have set up a counter These loosers not knowing where to vent their hatreds (since their women were either driven out or left them) are showing their cunningness on our web site.
    Shame on you so-called ‘MEN’. Just reflect on what low level you have stooped to, taking womens names and posting bad things – Remeber next time ANYTHING bad comes out of you people will first apply to your mothers and sisters.

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