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LIFE IN A METRO… a review June 29, 2007

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LIFE IN A METRO… a review

Chatting with a friend, she quoted, about the big mean city of Mumbai.. ‘ye shahar jitna deta hai us se kai jyada leta hai!!’ and this set us discussing the movie METRO.

I watched it just a couple of days back and expected it to be a heavy one but it was so amazingly light… just the way it should have been. I found myself agreeing and nodding on many occasions. Rarely happens these days with movies.

Each of the characters are well thought of and well portrayed, the humor is played down and perfectly executed on screen. The character Monty played by Irfan Khan is absolutely hilarious…his down to earth practical way with life, from making a job recommendation effortlessly to his boss on the phone, teaching Shruti (konkona sen) how to get her anger off her chest, conning her into shopping for his would be bride. All were absolutely amazing and he makes his way slowly and surely into your heart and into Shruti’s heart as well. From a prospective suitor whom she rejects he turns into the love of her life!!

Shikha (Shilpa Shetty) and Ranjit (Kay Kay Menon) play a married couple with a kid. Both have made extremely good performances. Kay Kay is the cheating male who convinces himself that he has every right to be happy and if this can be accomplished without hurting another then what could be better. Shikha trapped in a marriage which she describes aptly in two powerful sentences…‘shaadi aur kuch sikhaye na sikhaye, acting karna jaroor sikha deti hai’ and the complete loneliness expressed by ‘ ab hamari khamoshi bhi aapas mein jhagda karti hai’…while Ranjit feels completely justified having an affair with Neha, his subordinate at work, (Kangana Ranawat) Shikha is devastated by her love for the soft spoken, gentle and sensitive Aakash (Shiny Ahuja)

Rahul – a young man (Sharman Joshi) Ranjit’s subordinate who holds the magical key to many influential bosses, cheating on their wives. He loves Neha and is devastated by the knowledge of her being used by and using the boss Ranjit. Things come a full circle when Neha and Ranjit stand exposed to Neha’s room mate and Shikha’s sister Shruti..

Two other characters who portray the idealistic love that knows nothing and believes nothing else are Shivani (Nafeesa ali) and Amol (Dharamendra)… no questions asked, no undying declarations of love, no promises of until death do us apart. Just a quiet assumption and assurance and the power of love to out shadow all others. Magical..almost unreal amidst the midst of the sordid dependencies..

1. Ranjit confessing to his wife Shikha of his relationship with Neha, Shikha looks guiltier and confesses to her love for Aakash (which never was consummated) but Shikha giving up love for marriage and family and stays.
2. Neha realizes her folly and goes after Rahul. Rahul quits his job as a manager of others affairs among other duties!!
3. Shruti realizes she actually loves Monty, and chooses to declare her love while the poor guy is riding on a horse back with sehera and on his way to his own marriage..!! Better late than never as they say.
4. The sad part with Shivani passing away leaving Amol guilty as ever to have left his love in search of the worldly pleasures in life.

Finally, for me the movie took me back to monsoons in Mumbai city… crowded streets, people waking unfazed with umbrellas, unstopping by the rain and the incessant pitter patter stopping for no one. The buses and trains and auto rickshaws bring the city back to everyone who has ever lived there in full dose of poignant memories.

By Prakruti–


12 Responses to “LIFE IN A METRO… a review”

  1. Tannu Says:

    I saw the move a few weeks back. One can identify with most of the characters in the movie. At some point or the other the characters are no one else but someone you know in your daily life. Must say …a fun movie all the way. Full of facts. I loved the part when the landlord tells the oldie couple….uncle aunty kya aap bhi live-in relationship karenga is umar mein….(something of that sought). It was hilarious.

  2. Maggi Says:

    ………………the life of call centers, the inside stuff. When is a man successful? when he holds the power of giving “out of turn promotions” .
    Rightly said…behind every successful man is a lady and only a lady. Now whichever lady that is—who knows? Loved the movie, the songs. Who cares about the reality and that kind of stuff. It is as is.

  3. PurpleA Says:

    Hey Prakruti,

    Shall I say it in Rajesh Khanna style to you……

    oohhh Prakruti….., ‘ye shahar jitna deta hai us se kai jyada leta hai!!…I hate tears I hate tears

    Love to you……

    Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  4. Anita Says:

    Very nice to be enjoying this fun. Good to hear about it.Me too have put my better halfs kid in India and am a free bird here now Like kid. I have so much fun, have given up my profession, fighting the case to enjoy my husbands money , will get some free money in the name of alimoney and what else. Like is good. Sometimes depressed when I worry when i will get the alimoney ,pop some tablets, then am good to go

  5. Anita Says:

    I suggest to all women to dump their children also. I have some mental prblems that is why. Ilive in the east coast

  6. Visha Says:

    Go away. The way you talk about your children and life, it is disgusting. Leave us alone

  7. Ash Says:

    Hi Prakruti

    I saw this movie only after I read your post. It was worth it all the way n there was not a dull moment. Much to my surprise. Hard core facts put out so simplyyyyy. My fav character was that of Sharman Joshi, life comes a full circle when his game was ended on him. That was so so predictable, he shud have known!

    ( dear moderator, can you please ban this Anita . she sounds and is like a maniac and post after post she is a pain , selfish and embarassment to all of us, I have stopped all her calls also and if you could stop her spam you will do us a favour)

  8. Moderator Says:

    Hi All,
    I understand your concerns about SPAM but we really do not care and we must not bother about it too much.
    It is fun to see some people who SPAM that how irritated they are and have nothing better to do in life than come here and check out our site. They must be soooooo helpless, alone , dejected and depressed that they come on our site to make themselves visible. Look at it another way, they increase the popularity of our site. . 🙂 Also you may want to believe that they have serious mental problems which are apparent from the speaking and writing skills. Some of them have been banned but they sneak back in again shamelessly because they have severe mental issues, depression problems, unemployed and are crazy, lots of free time and nothing to do.
    So I would say that their SPAM messages keep us entertained in their own crazy way. Have a laugh and enjoy… while it lasts. 🙂

  9. Manasi Says:

    I too loved the movie, awesome, watched it over the weekend. I would like to have your email address if you can provide me with one. I searched on your personal website but did not find one.
    I agree with you, let us enjoy the insane crazy mentally depressed lonesome hidden Ashs, Anitas,Tannus etc etc etc while they have their hay day . I agree they come here to try to get rid of their loneliness and pass their time while they stay unemployed.

  10. Prakruti Says:

    All you lovely ladies.. thanks for your comments and I’m glad you enjoyed the movie…

    Sometimes we have comments from very bitter, unhappy people. Unpalatable and unwanted. May be they are unhappy that we are doing so well and enjoying sharing our thoughts and keeping each other pepped up and happy. And may be they dont like it.. However, remember that it takes more of an effort to make others unhappy than it takes to keep others happy. (in this case silence from the dark quarter would be welcome!!). Unhappiness spreads more unhappiness. To be happy one has to let go .. let go the anger and the hate and move on. Find a reason to live and let live too..

    As for the ones on this group, . Why look at something sore and ugly when there is so much grace and beauty in the world.. unless you can make a difference!!

    So cheer up ladies and lets keep it going!!


  11. PurpleA Says:

    Very well said Prakruti…let us keep enjoying must to their dismay!!

  12. Tannu Says:

    Boogie boos to the loosers—the TROLLS. Let them be unhappy…..mourn and be spoilt sports.
    Kuddos to Admin, Prakruti, PurpleA, Maggie, Manasi , Visha, Ash and all of us. CHEERS

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