Together We Bond

You are not alone We are there and therefore Together we Bond

Revel in Womanhood March 8, 2007

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Revel in Womanhood

To wipe away that errant tear
To soothe away those fears
To tackle the biggest problems
With lending eyes and ears..

To come up with a plan
To live life the best one can
To drive away the fears
With that cosy tuck of comforters..

With that piping hot cup of tea
When life was so weary
To that delicious meal
Served also with love and care and zeal!!

My thoughts are with all of you (women) today..
May life treat you the very best way
and offer you all the treasures
that you so gladly give away!!!

By Prakruti

Happy Women’s day to all of you wonderful women out there. Cheers 🙂


Showers of Joy November 23, 2006

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Infused with joy,
I call upon the cloud above
That floats around
Holding all my dreams inside it.
I stretch out my hand
Asking it to shower all that it can,
My hopes, my dreams,
Fused with blesings from the above,
Making them raindrops.
Letting me touch each drop with joy
Multiplying each moment
And inviting the whole universe
To see me celebrate my life.
Here comes the rain….
Rushing a million raindrops to my heart,
And each one becomes a diamond
That radiates life all around.

By Vishalakshi


Memories of Yesterday… November 5, 2006

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Sitting by myself on a quiet and introspective evening
sipping hot tea in a tea cup holding many memories..
I feel a sense of peace and well being wash all over me..
Nothing to worry… for this moment at least..


Memories come creeping in…as i struggle to surface from their hold
tangible, nostalgia, sweeps me off my feet
of warm caring, of tender desire, love filled moments
Of wanting and being wanted and being second to none

How bright my world was filled with sunshine..
not a cloud on the sky got the sun in my eye..
oh the nearest thing to heaven that I’ll see
the words of this song echoing in my being!!

How could it go so wrong, how could it all be over..
This bitter feeling is still tinged with regret
of longing for what it was and could have been
to grow old beside the only one that ever mattered..

I try hard to recreate this feeling again
as if clutching to a final straw to regain
atleast an essence of what is lost for ever..
but this is such a SHAM…

Should I break free???

By Prakruti


Another New Day October 21, 2006

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Another new day

It is a new sky again
And a new earth
After spending the night
In the lap of the deepest darkness
Curling up like a baby
In the vastness of the clusters of stars

I am thankful to the night
For bringing the darkness so deep
That brings the brightness
Of the distant stars to me,
And to the moon
For bringing a poem to my heart

The sun rises again
With a promise of a new day
Smiling at each new flower
Caressing them with the warmth of his rays
Making them rejoice for
They have taken birth
Into a world where they can see his grandeur
To their heart’s content.

By Vishalakshi

Wish all of you readers a Very Joyous & Prosperous Diwali!


Declaration of my Freedom September 23, 2006

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I spread my wings
And fly into the vastness above
Like a pigeon that learnt to fly
At the very moment it was born,
Devouring the beauty of the sky
As it is first seen and felt.

Not having the slightest idea
Where I am headed,
Whether the world around
Will invite me to its granduer
To be part of it,
Like a flower
That is sending its fragrance
In every direction
Even before it fully blossomed,
Or be hostile to me
Not letting me have a place
In this great creation
Denying the very fact
That I am part of it.

There I go,
Flying in joy and knowing that
That itself will take care of my life’s purpose.

As I fly Higher and higher,
Each moment becoming more and more joyous.
Here I see a wonder of colors
Filling my heart with a million dreams.
They are calling it a rainbow…
On seeing it,
I thank God for my existence
Take my joy-filled heart into my hands
And offer it at His feet.

By Vishalakshi