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Volunteers September 24, 2006

We welcome volunteers who can help us in the groundwork activities  and mentoring women emotionally who are vulnerable , divorced, separated , victims of domestic violence & torture, dowry victims, harassment and thus enabling them to become self-reliant, independent & stronger.

We are entirely a volunteer group consisting of women, run by women for the well-being of women who understand their precise sensitive needs, counsel them, guide them, and provide legal advice thus facilitating them to deal with any circumstances in life

If you have some free time, your efforts will be appreciated. The only prerequisite from you is to maintain discretion & secrecy , in order to protect the safety of the women in our group under all circumstances.

Please free feel to email to this address with your details/contacts.

Thank you


6 Responses to “Volunteers”

  1. HC Says:

    I am a divorced single mother raising a child alone in the US. I think I have learnt valuable lessons in independence, self-worth and ability to deal with the aftermath of divorce and would like to share with women who are in the same situation. I frequently blog about my experiences as well.

  2. Hi HC
    Thank you for the offer.
    It’s wonderful that you have learnt some valuable lessons and have moved ahead in life gracefully and emerged wiser.

    I saw your blog..good one.

  3. SriPriya Says:

    Please feel free to email or post your message to me anytime.
    Just leave me your detailed voice msg clearly with your number and I will call you back soon.
    I am one of the volunteers at our AWSN(AsianWomenSafetyNet) group and I am a medical doctor from India still studying trying to pursue my career further after a small gap of 10years. I am working full time job but still have free Sundays and all evenings available.
    Please let me know if I can help in any possible way.

  4. Prakruti Says:

    I am a divorced single mother of two. Would be happy to share experieces with those who need any help. Have also started Blogging and sharing some of my ideas.. at..

  5. I am a divorced single mom of a 3 yr old and live in MI. I am a full time professional but have time over weekends for volunteer work. I’d be happy to share my experiences if it will help other women. I blog (irregularly at

  6. RAM Says:

    hello sir

    I am ram. here is my question i have one sister we done marriage according to indian tradintion. My brother in law is us h1b visa holder he dont want to take my sister to us and his famiy numbers are demanding so much of money but we are not in a postion so those of reasons he did not want to take her to us. Now recently we filed a case 498a on him and his family nos i want to cancel his us visa is its possible and how it will be please explain me the process of that and i want to send some court papers to that visa holder how can i get his address please explain me
    thanking you

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