Together We Bond

You are not alone We are there and therefore Together we Bond

Mentoring October 16, 2006

Since the formation of this group it has been observed that several women have consistently offered unconditional help, guidance and support to the new entrants who come totally disillusioned and heartbroken. Their untiring efforts and words of encouragement via emails have thus enabled the dejected women to move on in life with renewed dignity, vigor and self-confidence.

Therefore we would like to initiate this concept in our group – Women Mentoring Women.

Women are educated, successful, triumphant, winning and at par with their counterparts–men in several fields. There is no stopping them!! But some of us are still not there. There are others who are encountering impediments in the way of empowering themselves and becoming self-sufficient in every way. Be it girls awaiting marriage having no other option than to let their parents marry them off giving a huge dowry, or maybe mothers in unhappy, abusive or broken marriages who are unable to obtain a job to support their children, or maybe young girls who have dreams but no necessary guidance and mentoring.

If you would like to mentor one of these women, please email us with all your details to The only prerequisite would be to uphold concealment and prudence for the women you offer assistance.

For all those whom need a mentor please email us with all details to Please be assured all details will be kept highly confidential.


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