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Awareness-Women’s Laws September 24, 2006

Other than registering your complaint of domestic violence, harassment and abuse with the legal entities, you can also register your complaint online at to expedite the matter. You can state all the relevant details such as nature of the complaint, all the particulars, specifics, facts, and name and address of the accused. The National Commission for Women has the powers to summon the accused, witnesses and records to facilitate inquiry. A complaint registration number will be issued to you and you can follow up on a regular basis to know the status of your complaint.

For serious crimes and atrocities against women, the Commission constitutes an Inquiry Committee which makes spot enquiries, examines witnesses, collects evidence and submits the report with recommendations. The implementation of the report is monitored by the NCW.

I know a few women who have benefited from this because the report submitted by the NCW is brought to the notice of various state authorities to facilitate action.

To be legally more aware, conscious and updated, read Legal Cell

You can also read Success Stories where family disputes were effectively resolved & compromised through counseling because of the sincere, humane, relentless efforts of the commission alone.


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